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  • Phuket: Persistent Python vs Dog

    Phuket: Persistent Python vs Dog

    Today in Phuket..

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    Law and Order: Tangled Thai defamation laws

    PHOTO: Rights defender Andy Hall goes on trial for criminal defamation & computer crimes Living in the Land of Smiles you need to mind your Ps & Qs, as an expat, tourist, company or just about anyone actually.

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    Sansiri launches THE BASE Central – Phuket

    Sansiri launched another one of their ‘BASE’ branded condos with the launch of ‘THE BASE Central Phuket’. Quoting from their media release, “The design is influenced by an enchanting lifestyle where the native people and Chinese from across the seas come together to create the Peranakan culture under the new concept ‘MARK MY BASE’.” Poomisak Julamaneechot, Vice Managing Director of the condominium development project, San Siri Public Company Limited says, “Sansiri has continued under The Base brand in Phuket by launching this new project ‘The Base Central –Phuket’ with a budget for construction 1,660 million Baht.” “The unique location at the heart of the island near Central Festival, and just one minute from the proposed new light rail station.” “The project is under the branding of ‘Complete Your Living Experience’. The project will be available for initial registration and reservations on June 23-24 with prices starting from 1.99 million Baht.” Check out some more about the new project HERE .

  • Krabi: Chinese tourist drowns at Railay Bay

    Krabi: Chinese tourist drowns at Railay Bay

    After all the heavy monsoonal weather along our coasts in recent days, we’re lucky we haven’t had more reports of risky swimmers getting into difficulty.

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    Pretties, 500 World Cup punters and ‘influencers’ arrested over illegal betting

    It was only a matter of time before we’d have some arrests related to illegal betting during the World Cup. Among 500 suspects being rounded up, police are also summoning 20 ‘influencers’ who have been posting on Facebook about the ‘Net Idol’ betting page and attempting to persuade youth to engage in soccer betting

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    Phuket to hold Digital Innovation Summit 2018: Big Data

    Digital Innovation Summit 2018. The event will be held on June 29-30 from 10am to 6pm at Central Festival Phuket East (Home Works ground floor) The main purposes of the event is to build awareness and to drive more understanding about the digital economy and smart city projects in Phuket and nearby. The keynote speaker is Dr

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    Krabi’s coastline damaged by strong winds and heavy waves

    Strong winds and waves have damaged the Koh Kwang Beach in Krabi during the reason crazy monsoon weather.

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    British fraud gangs in Thailand – Pattaya, Porsches and prostitutes

    Living the high life in Pattaya whilst funding the Porsches, champagne and girls with money stolen by cloning people’s credit cards. That was the life of just one of several Brits covered in a The Sun report

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    Chiang Mai: 33 year old found hanged in Nong Pa Khrang

    A man has hung himself in a Chiang Mai apartment. On June 19, police were informed about a body found at a residence in Nong Pa Kerang, to the east of the Chiang Mai city centre. The deceased, later identified as 33 year old Worawut Srichaiwong, was found hanged from window bars

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    Summer solstice – the longest day of the year in Thailand

    It’s a special day of the year and we’re glad the sun is out so we can enjoy it. And, if all is well, we’ll see more sunshine today than any other day of 2018. So what will you do with all the extra daylight?