Artikel erschien Oktober 2018

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    Mu Pa 13 have 22 film offers awaiting appro

    Looks like we’re going to see many screen adaptions of the ‘Miracle at Tham Luang’ (and whatever other titles they come up with). 22 movie, documentary and book project and ideas, about the Tham Luang cave rescue and life of the 13 young men, have been proposed by both local and foreign studios to the Creative Media Committee. This was confirmed by the Culture Minister Veera Rojpojanarat today

  • ‘Overwhelming support’ for decriminalising marijuana for R&D

    ‘Overwhelming support’ for decriminalising marijuana for R&D

    “An overwhelming number of people are voicing support for decriminalising the use of marijuana for research and development, and for medical purpose.” This from Somchai Sawaengkarn, a member of the National Legislative Assembly, citing results of an opinion survey conducted between October 1-15. Of the 16,431 people who voiced their opinions on the issue, 16,264 voted in support of the bid to amend the narcotics law to make it legally possible for marijuana to be used for medical research in the hope that medicines can be developed from the addictive drug for the treatment of certain diseases.

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    More cocaine being discovered in Patong

    More cocaine has been discovered in Patong while more heroine has been seized in a major crackdown on ‘hard’ drugs. Police and authorities say they are concerned about the rise in drug seizures and the amounts flowing around Phuket’s seaside party town. Phuket Vice Governor Supot Rodrueang Na Nong Khai says, “Nowadays drugs price have decreased, especially the cost of methamphetamine pills, because the production has been increased and the supply is exceeding demand.” “Many suspects have been arrested and drugs have been seized but the smuggling continues.” “Kratom is still most found in Phuket on a daily basis whilst marijuana is being spread by both tourists and local teenagers.

  • New Immigration chief sweeping a broom through Chiang Mai Immigration offices

    New Immigration chief sweeping a broom through Chiang Mai Immigration offices

    SCREENSHOT: Komchadluek Responding to constant online chatter about the ‘mess’ at the Chiang Mai Immigration offices, the new Immigration chief, Maj-Gen Surachate Hakparn, is poised to transfer the existing Chiang Mai Immigration boss to an inactive post whilst further investigations are made into the office operations. People have been complaining about all matters, from long waits (some cited having to arrive early and waiting all day to be seen), including Chinese who are having many problems with the northern office as well.

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    Blissful Break packages @ Mövenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA

    Just an hour or so away, with hundreds of flights a day into KL, here’s something a bit different for a weekend ‘out of town’ or a business break, in style. Mövenpick Hotel & Convention Centre KLIA is a new architectural icon which opened this year near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

  • Wet season, not so wet – some dams are less than 60% full

    Wet season, not so wet – some dams are less than 60% full

    FILE PHOTO: Ubonrat Dam – The Nation Emerging from the back end of the annual wet season, Thailand should be well poised for adequate water supplies for the forthcoming dry season. There’s been major flooding of some dams in the central, far north-eastern and some southern areas.

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    Fire destroys Krabi market

    A market in Krabi City has been destroyed by fire early this morning. The damage costs are estimated at more than a million baht. The Krabi City Police were notified of the fire on Uttarakit Road in Krabi City just after 2am

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    Somkid says he’ll fly to Beijing to discuss luring back Chinese visitors

    The fallout from a number of tragedies and bad PR has mobilised the Thai government to take firm steps towards luring back the Chinese travellers who have been looking elsewhere, other than Thailand, for their chosen holiday breaks. The Nation is reporting that Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak has said today that he may have to hold talks with the Chinese government in Beijing to explore ways to boost the number of Chinese tourists back to the kingdom. He says the number of Chinese tourists in September plunged by 14.80 per cent compared to the same month last year and the Thai government must find ways to improve the number of visitors.

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    Woman stages an accident and lies to police about gold theft

    PHOTOS: Newshawk Phuket A woman has confessed to lying to police about two thieves that snatched her gold necklace and bracelet on Sakdidet Road in Wichit.

  • No more coups, unless we need one – Commander in Chief

    No more coups, unless we need one – Commander in Chief

    With the country heading for elections in February, or sometime soon in 2019, the hope is for a new, democratically elected government following four and a half years of military rule. But would the army rule out another coup? Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong has refused to rule out the possibility of another coup if the country is plunged into chaos again