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    Thailand Medical Tourism 2018: REVIEW

    It continues to be another busy year for Thailand’s private hospitals, clinics and dental facilities, with the seemingly endless arrival of international patients from across the globe. Whilst the volume begins to subside a little as the year comes to a close, the guys at MyMediTravel put together their analysis from a sample of 1,000 of their English-speaking, non-Thai based customers and made some interesting discoveries. It’s no surprise that the Aussies make up nearly a fifth of all arrivals, given its relative proximity to Thailand, but what is surprising is that Americans make up the largest group at 20% – the country with by far the biggest medical tourism market in the world! Our neighbour, Singapore, understandably provides 10% of arrivals – Thailand is much cheaper after all and a 1.5-hour long flight can cost as little as 2,500 baht, return

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    Chinese-speaking local guides take to the streets

    More than 100 Chinese-speaking Thai tour guides have today protested and filed an official complaint to tour companies to stop supporting illegal tour guides. The complaints have become a regular fixture in the PR game between tour guides and the provincial officials. This morning about 100 Chinese-speaking Phuket tour guides protested by walking along the road in Wichit and handing out letters to tours companies not to support illegal tour guides

  • Jomtien’s Jetski rapist arrested after attack on 14 year old girl

    Jomtien’s Jetski rapist arrested after attack on 14 year old girl

    An 18 year old man, who was staffing a jetski and beach equipment rental business a on Jomtien Beach south of Pattaya, has been arrested for the rape of a minor. The original story about the offense HERE . He gave the victim 40 baht following the rape, after promising her 500 baht before the incident.

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    World-renowned Buddhist scholar officially opens Mindfulness Centre at UWC Thailand International School

    On Sunday, November 18, world-famous Buddhist Scholar Dr. B. Alan Wallace took time out of his two-day seminar to officially open UWC Thailand’s on-campus Mindfulness Centre

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    Man arrested over murder of woman in Mai Khao

    The Tha Chatchai Police have arrested a man who has admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend in Mai Khao. A man stabbed his ex-girlfriend to death in Mai Khao on November 7 before escaping. Police believe the violent act was brought about over jealousy.

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    Pattaya beaches remain a disgrace despite 429 million baht clean-up

    PHOTOS: Facebook/Pattaya News Pattaya News has reported about the state of the beach along the Pattaya foreshore saying hundreds of millions of baht has been spent on adding new sand to the beaches but the area still looks a dirty mess. “What should be a stunning natural attraction for tourists is a continuing disgrace,” reports the Pattaya News. They report that authorities have so far spent 429 million baht to restore and widen the beaches but there appears to be no budget available to clean up the rubbish of groom the beaches.

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    Ceremonies for the 47 victims held today – Phoenix

    The Phoenix is expected to be brought up on to the land at the Rattanachai Shipyard in the next two days. Forensic Police are now inspecting the boat while a Buddhist ceremony was held for the 47 victims today.

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    First Kunming-Krabi direct flight landed

    The first direct flight from Kunming, China, full of Chinese passengers, has arrived at Krabi International Airport. The General Manager of the Krabi International Airport Apichai Aranyik has welcomed the new Lucky Airline (Boeing 737) with its first direct Charter Flight from Kunming to Krabi. The flight carried 162 passengers and arrived in Krabi at 7pm last night (Sunday)

  • The new visa-fee waiver working in the north

    The new visa-fee waiver working in the north

    According to the National News Bureau of Thailand, the new visa-fee waiver is working. Well, in the northern provinces anyway.

  • ALERT: Amoxicillin use in Thai orange orchards

    ALERT: Amoxicillin use in Thai orange orchards

    The Thai Public Health Ministry is checking on pharmacies and antibiotics manufacturers that may have distributed amoxicillin (an antibiotic) for farms – reportedly used widely in northern and central orange orchards – as it could lead to drug resistance or even fatal allergies in humans as well as contaminating the environment. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic often used for the treatment of a number of bacterial infections