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    Phuket crocodile discovered on Kata Noi Beach

    The crocodile was last seen resting on the shoreline of Kata Noi Beach early this morning (July 21). Swimmers have been banned from going into the water while the capture operation continues

  • Surat Thani croc-hunters to the rescue

    Surat Thani croc-hunters to the rescue

    (cue dramatic music and slow-motion shot of team walking down Nai Harn Beach, probably with their shirts off) The ‘Crocodile Hunters of the Tapi River Basin’ have arrived in Phuket to save the day as they help track down a 1, 2 or 3 metre reptile that’s been getting a lot of media and local authority attention but, so far, has been playing hard to get. The team from the Freshwater Fisheries Suppression and Prevention Centre in Surat Thani call themselves Kraithong Loomnam Tapi. Kraithong is the hero of a folktale originating in Phichit, north of Bangkok, who rescues a young woman from the evil clutches of the magical crocodile king Chalawan and slays the reptilian villain in battle

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    Pattaya netizens blast marine safety photo-opportunity as PR stunt

    Pattaya officials have conducted urgent marine safety checks following the Phuket boat tragedy where two boats sank and 47 Chinese tourists drowned on July 6. In yet another knee-jerk reaction to an incident, the Marine Department and municipal police checked licenses, boat seaworthiness and life-jacket use at Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya. The checks follow the sinking of the tour boats Phoenix and Serenata in heavy seas between Koh Racha and Koh Hei, on their way back to Chalong Pier.

  • Foreign media slammed for intruding on the Mu Pa 13

    Foreign media slammed for intruding on the Mu Pa 13

    The Mu Pa 13 spoke to the Thai and world media on Wednesday night in a one-time-only media conference. Authorities said that it was now time to leave the team alone and let them re-unite with their families and friends, and get back to their studies and football. The media have mostly respected the wishes and left the team alone – a threat from the Thai Government to prosecute them under Child Protection Laws helped.

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    Sattahip: 15 year old motorbike driver crashes with her 3 year old brother

    Two children have been injured riding a motorbike in Sattahip, south of Pattaya. The pair were hurt when their motorbike slammed into a utility pole during heavy rain in Sattahip

  • Love Rawai FB page captures the actual crocodile, on video

    Love Rawai FB page captures the actual crocodile, on video

    Crocodile near beaches! Exclusive! Video with a crocodile! A rare cadre of a predator was shot by the operator Love Rawai. The third day continues the operation to capture a large crocodile found in the area beaches Nai Harn and Yanui. Until the time the crocodile is caught, swimming in these areas is limited

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    Channel dredged between Nai Harn beach and lake to help with croc catching

    A channel has been dredged to connect Nai Harn beach with Nai Harn Lake to allow the crocodile to move in, making it easier to catch (The Thaiger suspects the crocodile might be on to the officials’ Cunning Plan). More than 50 officials and a specialist crocodile catcher team from Surat Thani have been planning to catch the crocodile while Nai Harn beach is now closed. The official ‘catch’ team has been patrolling around the area where the crocodile was last seen in the hopes that the crocodile may become weak and come ashore

  • Man douses young Thai woman in petrol, sets her alight and is given bail

    Man douses young Thai woman in petrol, sets her alight and is given bail

    Thai Rath  has reported on the case of a Bangkok man who doused a 22 year old Thai woman from Ubon Ratchathani in petrol while she was eating with friends at a somtam stall. Thai Rath notes that the 23 year old Thai man, who committed the crime, was given bail by the court in Bangkok and is currently free. He has since allegedly told a friend of the victim that ‘she was next’

  • Thai PE teacher allegedly continued to rape students over three years

    Thai PE teacher allegedly continued to rape students over three years

    Sanook is reporting that a Thai PE teacher was effectively allowed to continue raping students after an initial complaint. A student complained three years ago that she was forced to the floor by the teacher who, the student claims, then tried to rape her.

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    AI company invests 350 million baht in SE Asia – opens office in Phuket

    Invacio , an artificial intelligence company, are busy setting up their operations in Thailand as part of their global operations. They are investing up to 350 Million baht in south east Asia Invacio Research Analytics, a group subsidiary of Invacio founded by William J D West, has launched in Thailand, led by Linleeya West (Thai/Swiss educated) Linleeya West felt this was an important move for Invacio, as well as Thailand, to encourage the uptake of AI across the country. She feels that Thailand can be market leaders with early adoption rather than being left behind in the coming technological race. With an auxiliary operations office being developed in Phuket, they have already started the recruitment process to staff their office with dynamic minds and experience Thailand has to offer.