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  • Who is Miss Thailand, last weekend’s runner-up in the Miss World competition?

    Who is Miss Thailand, last weekend’s runner-up in the Miss World competition?

    PHOTOS: Sereechai Puttes/Time Out Bangkok “Beauty is seen in action and how much you give to society. Beauty is what you do for other people and what you say to other people to make them feel better about themselves.” She was the runner up in this year’s Miss World competition held at Santa, China last Saturday night.

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    Testimony continues during poaching trial of Premchai Karnasutra

    PHOTOS: The Nation The provincial court in Kanchanaburi’s Thong Pha Phum district heard testimony from three policemen yesterday.

  • US ambassador shares concerns about tourism in Phuket

    US ambassador shares concerns about tourism in Phuket

    The acting US ambassador has met with Phuket’s Vice Governor to discuss long-term tourism and environment issues whilst visiting the island. Peter Haymond, the acting US Ambassador, met with Phuket’s Vice Governor Prakob Wongmaneerung at the Phuket Provincial Hall today. The Phuket PR Office reports that Vice Governor Prakob says, “The ambassador is interested in Phuket as it is an international tourist city where many Americans visit.

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    Forest officials defend refusing trucks entry to wildlife sanctuary

    PHOTOS: The Nation Various off-road truck enthusiasts haven’t been allowed to enter Kanchanaburi’s Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary during December 8-9 because they failed to adhere to the rules and conditions for gaining access. This revelation from sanctuary chief Wichien Chinnawong. Wichien has explained to the media by way of explanation about a recent Facebook post by Thi Lai Pa Border Patrol Police School headmaster Pol Captain Anek Khampimoon, criticising Thung Yai forestry officials for refusing to let his group enter the forest to deliver lunches to students

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    33 cats mauled to death at Hat Yai temple

    “The animals were apparently tranquillised and so were helpless when attacked by the dogs.” Police in Hat Yai have been hunting for the driver of a pick-up truck seen dropping off 36 cats at a temple yesterday before 33 of them were mauled to death by stray dogs. A villager filed a complaint with police after finding the 33 cat carcasses the previous morning.

  • BTS sweeps first night of Asian Music Awards

    BTS sweeps first night of Asian Music Awards

    BTS did not attend the first night of the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, but the group’s presence was still felt, as its team swept four awards at the event. The AMAs are being spread across three events in three countries this year. Held Monday at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, the first part of the three-day event saw awards being presented to rookie artists who had debuted recently, which was why BTS did not attend.

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    Political ban lifted ahead of February 24 election

    The Thai Junta, aka NCPO, has today lifted restrictions on political activities that have been in effect since the May 2014 military coup. The Nation reports the the lifts a previous prohibition on political parties holding meetings or organising political activities

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    Phang Nga hotel ordered to stop holding weddings on the beach

    PHOTOS: Manager Online The Damrongdhama Centre in Phang Nga Office has banned a ‘luxury’ hotel in Phang Nga for arranging a wedding event on Natai Beach after investigations over beach encroachment. After an inspection at Natai Beach in Kokkloi, Phang Nga officials, led by Phang Nga Governor Siripat Pattakun, found that a luxury hotel had put umbrellas and chairs on the beach to arrange a wedding event on a public beach.

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    Wealthy Thai woman boasts online about her welfare card

    PHOTOS: Sanook Thais have take to social media slamming an apparently woman boasting about using a Thai welfare card intended for the poor. The woman was wearing a gold necklace and other expensive looking jewelry, was showing money to the camera and sitting in the driver’s seat of a car. Netizens say she was ripping off the state and depriving the needy.

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    Tourists complain about thin elephant being forced to do party tricks

    PHOTOS: Mail Online is reporting that an adult elephant has been photographed performing in front of deserted audience seating at Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo, just south of Bangkok. With its bones clearly visible, a female elephant is seen balancing on two wooden tables before being led down and forced to walk across a metal tight rope. She pauses in the middle, turns around and walks back, according to the article .