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  • 20% of Yala men reporting for the conscription lottery test positive for drugs

    20% of Yala men reporting for the conscription lottery test positive for drugs

    It’s conscription season where Thai men over 21 have to submit for the annual lottery. Military personnel were shocked to find a hidden problem with Yala’s young men who fronted up for the military conscription lottery yesterday.

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    Narathiwat policeman shot whilst PM heads to Pattani in the south

    A police captain has been shot dead in Narathiwat’s Sungai Padi district this morning in what is believed to be another insurgent attack.

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    Confidence riding high – Thai economy continues to surpass forecasts

    Confidence is riding high according to the Joint Standing Committee on Commerce, Industry and Banking. They report that the private sector remains confident about Thailand’s economic growth of 4.5% being maintained as exports and tourism continue to rise. But the Committee warns that the private sector is being spooked by potential fall out from the ramping up of trade disputes between China, the US and Europe.

  • Arms smuggler or getting ready for a crime? Songkhla resident nabbed in Satun.

    Arms smuggler or getting ready for a crime? Songkhla resident nabbed in Satun.

    PHOTO: Thai PBS A 35 year old resident old has been arrested for being found in possession of a submachine gun and 4,500 rounds of ammunition. He was nabbed at a checkpoint in Satun

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    Python found after eating villager’s chickens in Krabi

    A 4 metre long python has been found in the Lamtab District of Krabi yesterday (April 3) after it ate a few chickens that belong to a local man. Earlier, he said he also found a smaller python getting into his fishing trawl cage in a camel nearby

  • Thai Meteorology warns about bad weather from tomorrow

    Thai Meteorology warns about bad weather from tomorrow

    The TMD are warning residents in the North, Northeast, and Central regions of Thailand, including Bangkok, as well as the East of summer thunderstorms with gusty winds, possible hail and isolated heavy rain tomorrow and Friday. In yesterday’s weather warning the Thai Meteorological Department says a high-pressure system from China would cover upper Thailand and a westerly trough would prevail over the North. This would lead to summer thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.

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    Five things you need to know about the Phuket Smart Bus

    It’s here, it’s the start of Phuket’s public transport revolution. It’s backed by people that have the resources and the ‘smarts’ to make the initiative a success. The initial route of Phuket Smart Bus will be followed up with new routes in the future



    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Paloma Faith’s new track with Sia called “Warrior” from her album she dropped at Christmas called “The Architect” is not our usual upbeat music we play here at The Thaiger 102.75 FM. For this reason we have not added the track to our rotation, (Tim my boss also can’t stand it) however there is something that I love about it, perhaps it’s the spookyness of the song, perhaps it’s Game of Thrones featuring in the music video, I can’t put my finger on it, but the song is worthy of today’s edition of Toons Tunes.

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    “Junta has a report card for each and every critic” – Vanchai

    Veteran journalist Vanchai Tantivitayapitak posted on Facebook on Monday that the ruling junta has a “report card” for each and every critic who is influential on social media, and will pay them a visit after a certain limit was reached. The post came after his resignation at the end of March from news station PPTV, where he was a senior news director

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    Krabi military fixing bridge washed away in rain

    Krabi military officers brought in machineries to Tupprik Sub-District yesterday (April 2) to fix Huay To Bridge after it has been damaged by flash flood. The damage of the bridge blocked a local community of 30 houses near Khao Panom Benja National Park as well as tourists from entering the national park. They had to walk through water to get to the other side.