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    200,000 methamphetamine pills seized in Pattaya

    Police have arrested a 46 year old alleged drug muler along with 200,000 methamphetamine pills in Pattaya. The suspect, 46 year old Sopon Saimee, has reportedly confessed to police that he was delivering drugs for a gang leader who was based in northern Thailand. He claims he was paid 3,000 baht per delivery of each 20,000 meth pill package

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    Noodle sellers dodging police bullets in Chiang Mai

    PHOTOS: Manager Online When people fire guns, the bullets that miss still end up somewhere. Like into the cooking pot of a surprised noodle seller in Chiang Mai! The man selling noodles was working the late night shift on a road leading to Mae Rim, according to Manager Online. He had a very lucky escape after a bullet shell-casing hit a pot lid that he was holding at the time

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    17 year old student arrested for running porn site

    PHOTO: The Nation A young male university student has been arrested over charges of running a pornographic photo website in which paid members were given access to some 300,000 pictures of net idols and other celebrities. Using VK, Line and Facebok the 17 year old (name withheld due to age) uploaded the pictures to the “Kodwarp” page which could then be accessed by users who paid a membership free. Police arrived at his Bangkok home in Phra Nakhon district on December 11 and seized over 860 GB (roughly 300,000) images of adult content from his desktop and mobile phone.

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    UPDATE: Man arrested for possessing exotic wild cats

    In a follow up to our article yesterday about the man being arrested ‘in possession of exotic mixed wild cats;, Junie Kovacs, the   Founder of the  Lanta Animal Welfare has sent The Thaiger an update, saying… “Even though members from Lanta Animal Welfare and wild life officers tried to convince the man that it would be best to sterilise the kittens, he refused.” This is yesterday’s story…. A man has been arrested after being found in possession of mixed protected wild cats which, authorities claim, are very ‘fierce’. Officers went to a house in Koh Lanta, Krabi after they were notified that a man was keeping protected Leopard Cats

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    Assets valued at 39 million baht seized in Magic Skin case

    And there’s more to come, according to investigators… The AMLO (Anti-Money Laundering Office) seized 19 million baht cash and two luxury cars in the ‘Magic Skin’ scandal. The seizure was ordered after they allegedly supplied sub-standard cosmetics and weight- loss products. The AMLO have also seized two luxury cars worth 10 million baht each.

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    Four arrested with guns and drugs in Chalong

    Officers have arrested four suspects and seized two illegal guns, 26 bullets, 319 methamphetamine pills and half a kilogram of marijuana in Chalong. Officers first arrested 28 year old Dawrueang Pomsuwan. Officers seized 3.68 grams, 319methamphetamine pills and 20 bullets.

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    Chinese man who allegedly murdered wife now in custody

    A Chinese man who allegedly murdered his wife, is now in custody at the Phuket Provincial Court. The alleged crime happened in October

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    Finance Minister foreshadows slowing economy in 2019

    “We expect the GDP growth for 2019 to be at least 4 per cent.

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    Chinese man murders wife in 143 million baht life-insurance scam

    “…in the months leading up to the trip, Zhang had bought more than a dozen life insurance policies for his wife…” A Chinese husband from Tianjin is alleged to have murdered his wife during a family vacation in Phuket after buying up more than 30 million yuan (US$4.3 million) in life insurance policies in her name. reports that the husband, named Zhang Weifan, took his wife, given the pseudonym Xiaojie, and the couple’s 20 month old daughter to Phuket at the end of October this year.

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    The Patong Bay Hill Resort – where your holiday begins!

    Nestled into the hills above Phuket’s popular Patong Beach, the modern Patong Bay Hill Resort is a luxurious resort which overlooks the ocean and the eclectic neighborhood below.   Welcome to Patong Bay Hill Resort   Set in a beautifully landscaped garden, Patong Bay Hill Resort is set amongst the natural, tropical environment of Patong’s Hasib-pee Hill