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  • Monsanto says RoundUp is safe. A Californian jury disagreed with them.

    Monsanto says RoundUp is safe. A Californian jury disagreed with them.

     A jury in San Francisco has ruled this week that RoundUp, the world’s most popular weedkiller, gave Dewayne Johnson, a former school groundskeeper, terminal cancer. The court awarded him $39 million dollars and awarded punitive damages of $289 million to agri-chemical company Monsanto.

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    Big surf and high tides pound Phuket’s west coast beaches

    Phuket’s west coast was being pounded by big waves along the island’s beaches this morning.

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    Indonesia all set for the Asian Games

    Having taken on the responsibility for hosting this year’s Asian Games after Vietnam pulled out, Indonesia says it’s ready for the sporting expo starting next week. Jakarta and Palembang in Sumatra will be host to over 11,000 athletes and 5,000 officials from 45 Asian countries for the Asian Games, the world’s largest multi-sport event behind the Olympics. Indonesia has set aside worries about terrorism, street crime and Jakarta’s notorious traffic, saying it is ready to roll for the Asian Games which will run from August 18 to September 2.

  • Buying property in Thailand – the basics

    Buying property in Thailand – the basics

    by Kevin Hodges There are many, MANY properties for sale in Phuket and around Thailand.

  • Damage toll continues to rise on Lombok

    Damage toll continues to rise on Lombok

    Whilst the death toll continues to rise – and will rise as rescuers scramble through the rubble – the toll mounts on those that remain to try and rebuild their lives. It’s now nearly a week after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island

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    More delays for next February’s election?

    PHOTO: On the lookout for next year’s election – The Nation February 2019 is just six months away, the deadline for the long-awaited, and must postponed, Thai general election. Although the junta have ‘promised’ that THIS will be the date for Thailand’s return to democracy, an increasing amount of politicians are starting to wonder if the deadline will be met. In recent months the Thai PM has been spending a lot more time in Thailand’s north-east – the hot bed of red shirt dissent with many in the agriculture-heavy Isan region still remembering the ‘good old days’ of the Thaksin administrations.

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    Cleaning the concrete and paving in Thailand

    With the wet season comes the rain. And with the rain, plus the ongoing hot weather, mould and algae growing on all our outdoor walls and paving

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    Phuket’s bank robber surrenders to police

    Thursday’s Thalang bank robber has surrendered himself to police this morning (August 11). Police found that the suspect is also a known gold snatcher

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    Goodbye e-commerce, hello ‘new retail’

    PHOTOS: Alibaba Group Our lifestyles are quickly evolving as the digital age kills off the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ inexorably creeps in to our daily life. Goodby Kodak and Polaroid – hello smartphone cameras and Facebook.

  • “Phuket, a little piece of paradise” – US News & World Report

    “Phuket, a little piece of paradise” – US News & World Report

    PHOTO: Whilst the annual south-west monsoon continues to kick up dangerous surf along its west coast, the southern island of Thailand has picked up another award. The island has been named the ‘Second Best Beach in the World’ by business publication  US News & World Report