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  • Take an air-conditioned rest on Songkran roads this year

    Take an air-conditioned rest on Songkran roads this year

    Police have prepared air-conditioned accommodation for motorists who might feel tired after a long drive during the Songkran holidays, a police chief said on Monday.

  • 100 million worth of heroin seized at Bangkok shipping port

    100 million worth of heroin seized at Bangkok shipping port

    PHOTO: Thai Customs Department You can’t accuse Thai Customs officials of sleeping on the job.

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    Closing Maya Bay – Tough steps to save reeling paradise

    By Piyaporn Wongruang The young American backpacker Richard found his way to Bangkok, arriving in Khao San Road bustling with backpackers, before venturing further to a so-called paradise, where he joined the neo-hippie lifestyle pursued by a number of adventurous tourists who arrived before him. It’s Maya Bay on Phi Phi Island, famously chosen as the so-called paradise setting for the popular 2000 film, “The Beach”, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Richard

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    On time – cultural differences in being punctual

    How late is late? Is being 5 minutes late, late? 10 minutes

  • Chinese tourist drowns in Patong

    Chinese tourist drowns in Patong

    A 56 year old Chinese man, Teng Yiding, has drowned in the waters off Patong Beach. Patong police received a report about the drowning yesterday (April 4) and rushed to the scene. He drowned near a hotel on Taweewong Road in Patong



    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Paloma Faith’s new track with Sia called “Warrior” from her album she dropped at Christmas called “The Architect” is not our usual upbeat music we play here at The Thaiger 102.75 FM. For this reason we have not added the track to our rotation, (Tim my boss also can’t stand it) however there is something that I love about it, perhaps it’s the spookyness of the song, perhaps it’s Game of Thrones featuring in the music video, I can’t put my finger on it, but the song is worthy of today’s edition of Toons Tunes.

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    “Junta has a report card for each and every critic” – Vanchai

    Veteran journalist Vanchai Tantivitayapitak posted on Facebook on Monday that the ruling junta has a “report card” for each and every critic who is influential on social media, and will pay them a visit after a certain limit was reached. The post came after his resignation at the end of March from news station PPTV, where he was a senior news director

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    Rohingya boat people land in Thailand

    By Supalak Ganjanakhundee A boat carrying 56 Rohingya landed before dawn yesterday in an area between Koh Ha and Koh Lanta in Krabi province, local officials said, adding that 19 children were onboard.

  • Thalang robber arrested

    Thalang robber arrested

    Thalang Police have arrested a 27 year old man from Phang Nga, Kittikorn Somsert, who robbed valuables worth about 200,000 Baht from a local house during daylight.

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    Thailand regional Number Two in ‘new fatties’

    PHOTO: BFM TV Thailand is become a country of fatties, certainly when compared to the average Thai 20 years ago and in relation to the other countries around us. A study called ‘Obesity in Thailand and its Economic Cost Estimation’ by the ADB Institute shows that Thailand now ranks Number Two in ASEAN countries when it comes to people suffering obesity. Second only to Malaysia, ahead of more prosperous countries like South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

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