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    Maya Bay coral “far from ready”

    by Pratch Rujivanrom The corals at Maya Bay are not strong enough yet to withstand the influx of visitors. This latest from the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department (DNP) explaining reasons for the indefinite closure of the bay. Though the iconic tourist attraction in Krabi’s Had Nopparat Tara-Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park has been off limits for four months to facilitate coral reef restoration, there have been only slight signs of coral recovery, according to the assessment of experts at the site

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    Foreigners nationwide being checked as visa changes being considered

    PHOTOS: INN The new immigration chief Maj-Gen Surachate Hakparn is making his presence felt promising to investigate 60,000 migrants in a crackdown on illegal workers. He is also promising changes in the way visa extensions are done. INN reports that the crackdown began mid week, with media in tow, in the Huay Khwang, Nana and Khao San areas with the arrest of 59 people from Nigeria, Myanmar, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt, China and Palestine and some alleged Thai nominees. Surachete says these people were found to be working illegally, entered Thailand illegally, failed to do their 90 day reports, were working under Thai nominees or a combination of offences.

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    Tsunami risk is statistically very low

    by Pratch Rujivanarom The chances of an imminent repeat tsunami in the Andaman Sea is remote, while the tsunami risk in the Gulf of Thailand is even smaller to nearly impossible chance, say leading seismologists in the wake of public tsunami fears triggered by the recent devastation in Palu, Indonesia. Nevertheless, say experts, the authorities, business sector and citizens in tsunami risk areas should swiftly and strictly follow disaster response and evacuation plans. Even though a tidal wave is unlikely to hit Thailand’s coasts soon, Paiboon Nuannin, geophysics lecturer at Prince of Songkhla University’s Faculty of Science, notes that earthquake disasters remain beyond human prediction, and so public preparedness will save lives in an unforeseen emergency situation

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    Extensive dredging gives Royal Phuket Marina round-the-clock access

    Royal Phuket Marina, working closely with the Marine Department in Phuket, have recently completed dredging of its marina basin and access channel, increasing the depth to two metres at the lowest tide and enabling motor boats up to 35 metres round-the-clock access. “The recent dredging program is part of our ongoing commitment to customers and our desire to drive Thailand’s marine industry to greater heights. The increased depth and improved access makes it easier and even more convenient for all motor boats at the marina.

  • Warning for horny pachyderms in Phetchaburi

    Warning for horny pachyderms in Phetchaburi

    Sanook reports that the head of the Kaeng Krachan national park in Phetchaburi is warning us to take care after a video showing an elephant in ‘musth’. An elephant in musth can have up to six times greater reproductive hormones running through their veins. According to the national park chief, elephants can become dangerous to their own kind as well as humans during this period that can last for many weeks.

  • Nigerian and Thai arrested over romance scam

    Nigerian and Thai arrested over romance scam

    Police have arrested a Thai woman and a Nigerian man for having allegedly deceived at least three Thai women to transfer them some 444,900 baht in a romance scam. The new immigration police chief Maj Gen Surachet Hakpal told a press conference on Wednesday that 41 year old Chigozie Orisakwe and 37 year old and Panhathai Chermchan were arrested under a September warrant issued by the Criminal Court. Surachet said victim Pojaman Sudngam filed a complaint saying she was deceived into transferring money to the gang.

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    Five vehicles involved in Krabi traffic light pile up

    A driver has escaped serious injury after colliding with other vehicles at a traffic light in Krabi today, setting off a chain of other damage to the cars in front The Krabi City Police were notified of the incident at an intersection on Petkasem Road in Krabi City about midday. Police and rescue workers arrived at the scene to find cars and pickup trucks, a total of five vehicles, piled up in a mess

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    An earthquake, a tsunami, now a bubbling volcano – Sulawesi

    PHOTO: North Sulawesi’s Mt Soputan erupts, status raised to Level 3’Alert’ – The Jakarta Post Mount Soputan in North Sulawesi’s Minahasa regency is emitting a 4 kilometre high plume of ash this .

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    One dead in Phoenix boat salvage operations

    The salvage operations for the ‘Phoenix’ have become mired in poor arrangements and unsuitable weather since operations began several months ago. Now, one person has died during the operations. On September 29, around noon, 37 year old Nipat ‘Jos’ Gladnak died during the salvage operation.

  • Survivors try to flee Palu as aid starts to flow in

    Survivors try to flee Palu as aid starts to flow in

    PHOTO: Locals and aid volunteers are trying to start the long clean up in Palu – VOA News As aid and volunteers continue pour into north-western areas of Sulawesi, following last Friday’s 7.4-magnitude earthquake and the subsequent tsunami, survivors are scrambling to salvage food supplies and other items.