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    Authorities inspect under-construction hotels in Koh Phi Phi

    The Army, police and administrative officials have inspected several under-construction hotels on Koh Phi Phi in the Krabi province amid allegations that they lacked land rights documents, permission to build, or were encroaching on a national park.

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    48 long-tailed macaques caught for sterilisation in Paklok

    Some of Phuket’s monkeys are on their way to new homes off the island. But first a quick vet-check and a ‘snip’ before they continue their journey

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    Thailand Post. We deliver.

    You can’t have e-commerce growing so quickly unless you keep your postal system up with the increase in deliveries. Who else is going to deliver your Amazon or purchases? An army of postmen on Wednesday pose for the camera during a press conference to unveil the 100 Thailand Post motorcycles used in post package delivery that have been upgraded.

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    Bangkok: 88 million baht worth of assets seized over corruption

    The AMLO (Anti-Money Laundering Office) is set to confiscate assets from three former top officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security plus 12 other accomplices. The value of the assets is said to have a value of 88 million baht to compensate over corruption involving state funds for the destitute

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    Six arrested in Phuket drug shakekdown

    Cherng Talay Police have arrested six suspects found with kratom and marijuana yesterday (June 12). • Police arrested 34 year old Ampohn Chitchonlatan from Phuket. She was found with 15 of kratom leaves, 0.45 litres of liquid kratom,  a bottle of cough syrup and a bottle of Coca Cola drink

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    Chinese tour bus crash on Kata hill

    A Chinese tour bus has collided with a pickup truck then ended up dangling precariously down the hill. 33 Chinese tourists have luckily escaped from serious injury.

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    New flagship Starbucks in Central World BKK – celebrating 20 years in Thailand

    Love ’em or hate ’em, Starbuck is in Thailand to stay and have, without doubt, been a strong contributor to the growth of coffee culture in the Kingdom. A decade ago you were hard pressed to find a decent coffee in many part of the country. That’s certainly changed now.

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    WANTED: 1,000 World Cup Pretties

    PHOTO: Along with the World Cup comes the ‘crackdown’ on gambling. Khaosod English is reporting that police are looking for more than 1,000 women for illegally promoting online gambling for the upcoming World Cup

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    To the war room!

    Two predictable things happen every four years – the running of the World Cup and a synchronous crackdown on gambling in the Kingdom. And here we go again.

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    Upgraded measures discussed over Chinese tourists safety

    At a meeting was held today (June 11), hosted by the Phuket Provincial Police Commander Maj Gen Teeraphol Thipjaroen along with his guest, the Chinese Consulate-General in Phuket, Ma Cui Hong. Maj Gen Teeraphol says, “The meeting today is aimed at finding additional measures to assure the safety of Chinese tourists, especially warning and direction signs in the Chinese language, placed in popular and potential dangerous tourism locations.” “We have also discussed beach safety measurements along with vehicle safety, including the rental of motorbikes by Chinese citizens

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