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  • Complaints flow in for dodgy balloon festival organiser – Chiang Mai

    Complaints flow in for dodgy balloon festival organiser – Chiang Mai

    PHOTO: These balloon festivals have been popping up around the country and work like a travelling carnival of hot air balloons. The festivals tend to involve little more than a music festival with some well-lit hot air balloons around the perimeter

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    The future of Bangkok’s Chinatown

    by Bill Barnett of  (First appeared on The emergence of boutique hotels, hostels, hip bars and cafes has revolutionised the way Chinatown, Bangkok is seen. This, together with the entry of international branded operators setting the stage for exciting changes.

  • Property report tips Phuket property boom

    Property report tips Phuket property boom

    According to Knight Frank Thailand’s research, the Phuket condo market is expected to perform better in line with the brighter economic situation and the growing population of the island. Increasing supply and higher selling prices will be the key drivers, while demand is forecast to improve slightly.

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    Two arrested with meth pills and ‘ice’ at Phuket Town hotel

    Yesterday (May 27) a team of Phuket City Police led by Capt Teerasak Narasri arrested a 22 year old woman Chenuya ‘Kim’ Thepsing from Lampang and 26 year old Naruebet ‘Net’ Paparnsit from Trang at a hotel room on Patipat Road in Phuket Town in relation to possession of drugs. Police seized 227 methamphetamine pills and 6.63 grams of crystal methamphetamine. Chenuya and Naruebet were taken to the Phuket City Police Station where they have been charged with possession of Category 1 drug with intent to sell

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    Swede, 24 found hanged on Patong Hill, Phuket

    A 24 year old Swedish man has been found hanged on Patong Hill. Patong Police were notified of the incident at behind the tiger shrine (Pun Tuao Kong Chinese Shrine) on Phra Baramee Road, at the top of Patong Hill, yesterday (May 26).

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    Mass protest planned after toxic agro-chemicals not banned

    PHOTO: A mass protest at Government House is being organised to protest a decision by the government’s Hazardous Substance Committee on Wednesday not to ban reportedly dangerous agricultural chemicals paraquat, glyphosate and chlorpyrifos in Thailand. Agro-chemical opposition networks, led by BioThai Foundation and Thailand Pesticide Alert Network (Thai-PAN), yesterday called on citizens to mark the upcoming World Environment Day. The Hazardous Substance Committee approved the continued use of the three chemicals but with stricter regulations and restrictions that they said would ensure safer use of these farm chemicals and limit environmental impacts

  • Pro-election activists released on bail

    Pro-election activists released on bail

    Fifteen political activists have been granted bail shortly after the Criminal Court ordered their 12 day detention following charges resulting from participation in last Tuesday’s pro-election assembly in the capital. The activists were released yesterday on 100,000 baht bail each with the condition that they must not take part in political gatherings that will “break laws and put society at risk”. Police had opposed bail, arguing that many of the activists had been charged and released several times for involvement in political assemblies

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    Whale shark search continues around Phang Nga Bay

    PHOTO: Searching Phang Nga Bay on Tuesday. Officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources and the Marine Endangered Species Unit at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre continued looking for for the whale shark which was spotted caught in a fishing net a week ago. There were strong winds and waves up to one metre high hampering the search

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    Urgent measures ordered to protect marine animals

    The Provincial Government are pressing all the right buttons and saying all the right things in the wake of the whale shark fiasco. A whale shark was caught in a fishing net last Friday.

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    Whale shark search starts off Phuket

    Yesterday (May 20) a team of officials led by Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Director-General Jatuporn Burutpat went in search of the whale shark that fisherman claim was alive after they freed it from their fishing nets. The searching covered 40 kilometres between Koh Lon, Koh Hey and Koh Bon. Binoculars, drones and echo sounding devices have been used in the search. Mr Jatuporn says, “So far no whale shark has been found.