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  • Rescuers get provisions into flooded Prachuab Khiri Khan district

    Rescuers get provisions into flooded Prachuab Khiri Khan district

    Army and rescue workers, loaded up with ready-made foods and drinking water, were visiting villages behind Chong Lom dam in Bang Saphan Noi district of Prachuab Khiri Khan yesterday after the area was cut off from the outside world. The only road into the district was flooded and had become impassable. Rescuers responded to a distress alert from Amporn Thaokruamat, village head of Village 8 in Tambon Chang Rak where residents of 70 households have been trapped in their village and are unable to get out to get food, drinking water and other necessities

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    Hanoi ‘must end eating of dogs before Formula 1’ – Soi Dog Foundation

    The Soi Dog Foundation, one of the leading organisations battling the dog meat trade in Asia, has called again for a concerted effort in Vietnam to end the eating of dogs and cats. The renewed call comes after the announcement that Liberty Media, owners of the glamorous Formula One (F1) sport have agreed to a “multi-year” deal to stage Grand Prix races on the streets of Hanoi

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    Chumphon man admits to repeatedly raping daughter

    Police in Chumphon report that a 43 year old man has confessed to repeatedly raping his daughter from the time she was attending Mathayom 1, the first grade in Thai secondary school – approximately 12-13 years old. The man’s name has been withheld to protect the identity of the rape victim, who is now a 20 year old vocational-college student, having since undergone two abortions. The father, a durian exporter, was arrested at his home on Tuesday night, insisting the sex with his daughter was consensual and that she was ‘guilty’ of breaking a promise to him to never tell anyone about the incidents.

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    Second-hand car shop raided, owner arrested in Chalong

    Soldiers and police have raided a second hand car shop in Chalong.

  • I am not racist – Surachete Hakparn

    I am not racist – Surachete Hakparn

    by Kornkamon Aksorndech The acting Immigration Police chief Pol Maj-General Surachate Hakparn, who recently was promoted to the job because of his relentless crackdowns on foreigners, is vowing to continue with his mission of removing overstaying or illegal foreigners. But netizens are raising questions of racism, as a large proportion of the foreigners nabbed in recent months were of African descent.

  • Legal action taken against yacht helmsman and Thai crew

    Legal action taken against yacht helmsman and Thai crew

    PHOTOS: Newshawk Phuket Legal action has been taken against a Scottish helmsman and a Thai yacht charter ‘caretaker’ in Saturday’s luxury yacht fire. The Phuket PR Office reports that the the fire started by ‘natural causes’ after the 51 foot yacht was hit by lightning just after 4pm on Saturday afternoon. Police have already taken legal action against the helmsman on the day and the yacht’s Thai ‘caretaker’.

  • UPDATE: Investigation into Lion Air crash – one week later

    UPDATE: Investigation into Lion Air crash – one week later

    A few key new facts have emerged in recent days as the search for the plane fuselage and the investigations continue… • Lion Air Flight 610 was intact with its engines running when it crashed at high speed into the Java Sea • Investigators have already determined that Flight 610 did not explode in the air and was in “good shape” when it entered the water • Investigators have confirmed there was a technical problem with the new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft on the day of the crash • Diving teams could no longer hear any signal from the cockpit voice recorder • The plane’s other ‘black box’, the flight data recorder, was located last Thursday • The plane had only recorded 19 flights, including last Monday’s flight • On the day before, a passengers says the same plane “dropped as if it was losing power. It dropped about 400 feet” The Lion Air Flight 610 was intact with its engines running when it crashed headlong into the Java Sea last Monday off the coast of Jakarta. The claim comes from the head of Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee.

  • 7/11 to add laundry and dry-cleaning

    7/11 to add laundry and dry-cleaning

    PHOTO: Spring News 7/11 are rolling out another new service in Bangkok from this week. You’ll be able to get a raspberry slurpie, hot toastie and drop off your laundry and dry cleaning at the same time.

  • Customer dies during Thai massage

    Customer dies during Thai massage

    Questions are being posed on social media, “how safe is a Thai massage?” Thai media is sharing the story after a video was posted of a Thai man who died while having a massage.

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    The ‘war on drugs’ is a complete failure

    Authorities are losing the war against methamphetamines – pills and crystal meth. The demand for both crystal meth and ‘yaba’ is escalating as is the production to meet the increasing demand. The much-publicised ‘Wars on Drugs’ being waged from time to time in south east asian countries are doing little dent the rising popularity and production of the drugs, whilst thousands lose their lives in extra-judicial killings, legislated by governments