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    Aussies in Asia: The Thai island life of media man Tim Newton

    by  Peter Olszewski Featured in this week’s edition of There’s also a tropical island buzz about the way Thaiger conducts its business What do you do if you’re a middle-aged entrepreneurial spirit, a self-confessed media junkie who’s put in 20 years in Australian radio, then invested in a Chinese boat-building business and went bust? If you’re  Tim Newton , you pack your bags and head for a tropical island like Phuket where you can eat cheap Thai food and hang up a shingle saying you’re in media business mode again, but fully embracing the digital world. That was Newton’s move in 2012, and now, after some savvy moves, he’s heading  Thaiger , which he launched basically as just an FM radio station in October 2016 when he and a friend bought the digital assets of the once print-heavy  Phuket Gazette , which had shut up shop

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    Dead Australian visited shooting range three times – Police

    Following the death of the Australian 25 year old, who shot himself at a Sakoo shooting range on Friday, police have concluded their initial investigation. The man died at Vachira Hospital on Friday night.

  • Australian living in Chiang Mai hangs himself from a roadside tree

    Australian living in Chiang Mai hangs himself from a roadside tree

    An Australian man is believed to have hanged himself from a tree on a roadside in Chiang Mai’s Hang Dong district this morning. The man has been identified as Nicholas James Watek. A passer-by called the Hang Dong police around 9.30am after he saw the man hanging from a tree on Soi Bon Kai Doi Tham in Ban Doi Tham village in Tambon Nam Phra

  • Canadians will be able to use consular services at the Australian Consulate in Phuket

    Canadians will be able to use consular services at the Australian Consulate in Phuket

    The post Canadians will be able to use consular services at the Australian Consulate in Phuket appeared first on The Thaiger .

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    Australian cave medic emerges to his own tragic news

    In the wake of yesterday’s euphoria following the final five team members being successfully evacuated from the Tham Luang caves, a sad epilogue. An Australian doctor, Richard Harris, partly responsible for looking after the Thai football team during their cave ordeal, emerged last night, exhausted but relieved they job was over. Some sad news awaited him.

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    Retiring overseas. Is it getting too expensive to retire in your home country?

    PHOTO: Chris Green Retirement in western countries is starting to become out of reach for many with spiralling cost of living and monthly expenses. The property booms in countries like Australia have pushed up rents for many who simply find it difficult to contemplate retiring in their home country. On a cobbled street in the south of Spain, Norah Ohrt lives like a typical Andalusian in a little white house with red flowers blooming from the windows

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    Top Ten Coffees in Phuket

    Phuket has developed quite a coffee culture with new cafés opening every week all over the island. The Thais love their iced coffee drowned in sweetened condensed milk whilst the western favourites are gaining in popularity

  • Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

    Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

    An Australian teacher, reportedly trying to get back together with his Thai girlfriend, has been shot in the stomach in the car park of a Chiang Mai apartment. 47 year old Jean Paul Bull, an English teacher at a well known Chiang Mai university, remains in hospital recovering from his injuries. He had gone to invite his 39 year old girlfriend Suphasri out for Songkran. Chang Pheuak police were called to the car park of the apartment where they found the victim shot and Suphasri waiting with a 9mm gun in her hand. The bullet had exited the body of the victim



    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Paloma Faith’s new track with Sia called “Warrior” from her album she dropped at Christmas called “The Architect” is not our usual upbeat music we play here at The Thaiger 102.75 FM. For this reason we have not added the track to our rotation, (Tim my boss also can’t stand it) however there is something that I love about it, perhaps it’s the spookyness of the song, perhaps it’s Game of Thrones featuring in the music video, I can’t put my finger on it, but the song is worthy of today’s edition of Toons Tunes.

  • THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15

    THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15

    ‘Heavy traffic is causing pollution in BKK’ – Genius! | Thaksin and Yingluck now in HK | Witness of Australian ‘manslaughter’ in Pattaya speaks up | Changes to the collection of immigration data | UK Foreign Secretary jokes about Thailand’s sex tourism | Thailand mums are wanting smaller families | Encoached buildings on Koh Phi Phi being demolished. The post THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15 appeared first on Phuket Gazette .