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    Australian cave medic emerges to his own tragic news

    In the wake of yesterday’s euphoria following the final five team members being successfully evacuated from the Tham Luang caves, a sad epilogue. An Australian doctor, Richard Harris, partly responsible for looking after the Thai football team during their cave ordeal, emerged last night, exhausted but relieved they job was over. Some sad news awaited him.

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    Retiring overseas. Is it getting too expensive to retire in your home country?

    PHOTO: Chris Green Retirement in western countries is starting to become out of reach for many with spiralling cost of living and monthly expenses. The property booms in countries like Australia have pushed up rents for many who simply find it difficult to contemplate retiring in their home country. On a cobbled street in the south of Spain, Norah Ohrt lives like a typical Andalusian in a little white house with red flowers blooming from the windows

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    Top Ten Coffees in Phuket

    Phuket has developed quite a coffee culture with new cafés opening every week all over the island. The Thais love their iced coffee drowned in sweetened condensed milk whilst the western favourites are gaining in popularity

  • Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

    Australian teacher shot by ex in Chiang Mai

    An Australian teacher, reportedly trying to get back together with his Thai girlfriend, has been shot in the stomach in the car park of a Chiang Mai apartment. 47 year old Jean Paul Bull, an English teacher at a well known Chiang Mai university, remains in hospital recovering from his injuries. He had gone to invite his 39 year old girlfriend Suphasri out for Songkran. Chang Pheuak police were called to the car park of the apartment where they found the victim shot and Suphasri waiting with a 9mm gun in her hand. The bullet had exited the body of the victim



    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Paloma Faith’s new track with Sia called “Warrior” from her album she dropped at Christmas called “The Architect” is not our usual upbeat music we play here at The Thaiger 102.75 FM. For this reason we have not added the track to our rotation, (Tim my boss also can’t stand it) however there is something that I love about it, perhaps it’s the spookyness of the song, perhaps it’s Game of Thrones featuring in the music video, I can’t put my finger on it, but the song is worthy of today’s edition of Toons Tunes.

  • THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15

    THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15

    ‘Heavy traffic is causing pollution in BKK’ – Genius! | Thaksin and Yingluck now in HK | Witness of Australian ‘manslaughter’ in Pattaya speaks up | Changes to the collection of immigration data | UK Foreign Secretary jokes about Thailand’s sex tourism | Thailand mums are wanting smaller families | Encoached buildings on Koh Phi Phi being demolished. The post THAIGER TODAY Thursday, February 15 appeared first on Phuket Gazette .

  • SUNDAY HEADLINES – All your local news in 3 minutes

    SUNDAY HEADLINES – All your local news in 3 minutes

    Some rain overnight around the island and more of the sun/cloud/light winds predicted over the next week. Just like last year, the ‘usual’ high-season weather isn’t arriving in 2018. Here are today’s main news stories… Four crew drown after shipping incident in the Gulf Four crew from a Thai fishing boat have drowned after it was hit and sunk by a Pakistani cargo ship yesterday morning

  • Vachira wants to be paid before Stacey can leave hospital

    Vachira wants to be paid before Stacey can leave hospital

    PHOTO: “Last night she told 9NEWS that animals walked freely through the hospital wards and said the family was worried about the risk of infection so soon after Ms Liddle’s surgery”. An Australian woman who could lose her leg after a horrible scooter accident in Thailand (Chalong, Phuket) fears being held hostage over her hospital bill (at Vachira Hospital). She was riding a scooter on October 26 when she plowed into the back of a bus, injuring her left leg

  • Celebrate the third anniversary with a spectacular brunch at Kata Rocks

    Celebrate the third anniversary with a spectacular brunch at Kata Rocks

    Kata Rocks is marking its third anniversary on Saturday, December 2 with a ‘Champagne Brunch of The Year’ Anniversary Pool Party that celebrates Phuket’s luxury lifestyle.

  • Three metre crocodile spotted off Bang Tao beach

    Three metre crocodile spotted off Bang Tao beach

    So this is how it happened… Phuket expat ‘Mike’, along with his wife, were walking their dogs along Bang Tao beach last Friday. They say they normally start their walk around 2 kilometres south of the small island adjacent to the beach near Layan.