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  • 5 people dead following storms in 36 provinces

    5 people dead following storms in 36 provinces

    5 people are dead and 3,758 homes in 36 provinces have been damaged by storms over the past week. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department director-general Chayapol Thitisak reported on the damage yesterday

  • 300,000 baht stolen – 5,000 baht reimbursed

    300,000 baht stolen – 5,000 baht reimbursed

    FILE PHOTO Thai Channel 7 TV is reporting a story about safes being removed from hotel rooms in Bangkok last Friday. According to the story there were two safes removed from the Sukhumvit road hotels, along with 300,000 baht, passports and documents. But, according to the law, the hotel were only obliged to reimburse the victims 5,000 baht in compensation.

  • Road toll keeps rising as authorities claim tight enforcement

    Road toll keeps rising as authorities claim tight enforcement

    Whilst the road toll is mounting and drunk drivers’ cars impounded at record numbers, authorities must be scratching their head wondering what they need to do to stem the disgraceful annual carnage on Thailand’s roads during Songkran. Even as police claimed to push stricter law enforcement to lower crimes during the Songkran Festival, the increase in the number of accidents, injuries and deaths on the road on the third day of this year’s “seven dangerous days” raises doubts whether the preventive measures are working. The Road Safety Centre yesterday reported that after the first three of the seven day reporting period, the number of road fatalities, injuries and accidents were all higher than during the same period of last year

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    Longer Songkran holiday break = more accidents

    Extended celebrations for the 2018 Songkran Festival are being blamed for an increase in road accidents involving drunk driving, but the Interior Ministry is assuring that the country’s roads will be safer this year due to more traffic checkpoints and strict law enforcement.

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    Songkran launches around the country

    Police continue to push public safety measures but traffic still poses challenge. As holidaymakers and locals heading home started to reach their destinations nationwide yesterday for the traditional Thai New Year celebrations this weekend, various sites confirmed their readiness to host impressive events and also implement public safety measures.

  • Cooler weather surprises central & northern Thailand

    Cooler weather surprises central & northern Thailand

    PHOTO: The Pinoy Legacy Thais in many provinces are surprised about the sudden cool spell that has brought them relief from the sweltering summer heat.

  • We’re in for a bumper Songkran this year

    We’re in for a bumper Songkran this year

    Economists are predicting a bumper Songkran festival this year due to a number of factors. he University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce’s Centre for Economic and Business Forecasting says surveys indicate that Thai new year revellers are showing greater willingness to spend more this year. They estimate there will be 3-5% growth in spending which they predict will bring in 100 billion baht during this year’s holidays from April 12 to 16

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    Pattaya’s Belarusian sex coach charged with prostitution

    FILE PHOTO Anastasia Vashukevich, (AKA Nastya Rybka) the Belarusian ‘sex expert’ who claims to have insider dirt on Russian attempts to meddle in the US election, has been charged with prostitution. Last month she went public asking the US to help her out from her predicament, detained in a Thai prison in Bangkok, in exchanged for information on alleged ties between Russia and the Trump campaign.

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    Dusit rolls out the new ASAI brand

    Thailand’s Dusit Hotels and Resorts is rolling our a new ASAI brand which is reportedly aimed at millennial curious-minded travellers promising ‘authentic local experiences in vibrant cities and resort destinations worldwide’. Set to officially launch in the opening quarter of 2019 with its first hotel in Bangkok’s renowned Chatuchak Market, ASAI Hotels embraces a sustainable, community-focused concept, with each property designed to reflect the culture and heritage of its location through collaborations with local artisans (in other words it won’t be five-star and they’re going to get some locals to help with the decorating) According to their media release “…in line with the four core pillars of the brand – Thoughtful Essentials, Common Areas, Locally Inspired and Connected Community – each hotel will feature compact rooms of around 15 square metres, whose contemporary design will emphasise key features like superior-quality beds and high-pressure rain showers”.

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    Three die, three injured, in Bangkok apartment blaze

    Three people have died and three others injured after a fire broke out in a Bangkok apartment early today (Tuesday), trapping 24 tenants.   The fire started at the 15-storey Ratchathewi Apartment building on Soi Phetchaburi 18 off Phetchaburi Road in Ratchathewi district at about 2am