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  • Thai apologises for bumping first class passengers for crew

    Thai apologises for bumping first class passengers for crew

    Thai Airways, still licking their PR wounds from the, as yet, unexplained plane-skidding-off-the-runway incident, have today been forced to apologise to two passengers for bumping them out of their first class seats. The seats were required for two ‘deadheading’ off-duty pilots (flying as a passenger on company business to get to work. eg

  • Heavy rain in spots around the country until Monday

    Heavy rain in spots around the country until Monday

    Residents in the Central, East and the South, including Bangkok and suburbs, are being warned to brace themselves for heavy rains from tomorrow until Monday. In a first warning issued at 11am this morning, the TMD (Thai Meteorological Department) said that heavy rains would hitting the forecast areas due to a low-pressure cell over the lower South China Sea

  • Three-quarters of Bangkokians in debt

    Three-quarters of Bangkokians in debt

    An estimated 77.5 per cent of Bangkokians are in debt and 53 per cent admit to have fallen behind in repayments.

  • Hunt for teen gangs involved in Sunday night shootout

    Hunt for teen gangs involved in Sunday night shootout

    Sunday night’s random shootout in Bangkok and the death of an Indian tourist has shocked the city. Police are on the hunt for two groups of teenagers they believe were involved in the brawl that ended up in a shootout in a Bangkok hotel car park. The melee and shootout has left one Indian tourist dead and five others injured

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    Police tracking down suspects after BKK city centre shootout

    by Kornkamol Aksorndej Police are seeking arrest warrants for several men following a shootout that killed one tourist and injured four people in central Bangkok today (Sunday). The shooting, involving the use of military weapons, has shocked the nation and harmed the image of the country and its tourism industry

  • British Embassy Bangkok to stop certification of income letters

    British Embassy Bangkok to stop certification of income letters

    NOTICE FROM BRITISH EMBASSY From January 1,2019, the British Embassy Bangkok will no longer be providing British Nationals with letters confirming their income. This letter has previously served as a supporting document for obtaining a Thai retirement or marriage visa.

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    Event Round-Up – October

    by Paul Poole – The Sponsorship Experts The end of the Buddhist Rains Retreat or Buddhist Lent is marked in October with a range of religious ceremonies across the country.

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    Two Vietnamese return to the scene of the crime and get arrested

    Two Vietnamese men have been arrested at a Bangkok shopping mall for allegedly pickpocketing a German tourist and stealing 2,300 Euro (87,000 baht) back in July. Police said the two men, aged 38 and 36, were arrested while apparently looking for more easy targets at the Terminal 21 shopping mall in Bangkok’s Vadhana district. The two have been accused of pickpocketing a German tourist at the mall on July 13.

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    Thai public hospital system under stress

    Public Health Ministry permanent secretary Dr Sukhum Kanchanapimai yesterday admitted that the country’s hospitals were overwhelmed, following an outspoken doctor’s comments that the system was “close to collapse”. Sukhum told a press conference in Nonthaburi province yesterday that crowded conditions were a reality and the bed occupation rate in many big hospitals was beyond full capacity. To tackle this long-standing issue of crowding in hospitals, the ministry says it’s developing ideas to lessen the problems, including creating healthcare zones for better management and service arrangements

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    Bangkok and Phuket on the list of the World’s ‘Top City For Visitor Spending’

    According to Mastercard’s annual Destination Cities Index, Bangkok has earned the position as the world’s most visited tourist destination once again in 2017. Phuket also got into the Top 10 list of tourist money magnets. The Thai capital attracted over 20 million visitors over the past year, more than both London (19.83 million) and Paris (17.44 million).