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    74 year old British man dies after alleged row with ‘toy boy’ lover

    PHOTO: Silom City Resort “Naked Brit businessman dead in his apartment in a pool of blood after ‘row’ with his Thai toy boy lover.” A headline that leaves little else to report. This one a sad story as reported by Murdoch’s ‘The Sun’ in the UK. A naked British businessman has been found dead in a pool of blood after a ”row” with his toy boy lover in his Bangkok apartment.

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    “They’ll grow up to work for country’s benefit” – Dr Pak

    “I’m confident that the Mu Pa boys will grow up to be excellent citizens of the country and work for the benefits of the country’s future and reputation,” wrote Dr Pak Loharnchun in a Facebook post. The Army doctor played a leading role in helping the boys. The doctor also posted photos of himself giving the boys goodbye hugs in Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital where they received medical care after being rescued

  • The world’s riskiest place to visit, if you’re British

    The world’s riskiest place to visit, if you’re British

    PHOTO: If you’re British, where in the world is the riskiest place for you to visit?  New research by Endsleigh Insurance Services has unveiled the world’s riskiest holiday destinations. Thailand has been found to be the world’s riskiest holiday destination for British tourists, according to a new report. The report looked at data from 2017, ranking countries on where the most insurance claims were made and Thailand came out on top.

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    French cybercrime suspect arrested in police raid – Samui

    PHOTOS: Samui Police Frenchman Jonathan Verron, an alleged leader of a hacker group that stole data from a British financial institution and demanded a ransom to keep it secure, has been arrested on Koh Samui this morning (Friday). Crime Suppression Division Fifth Command and Technology Crime Suppression Division police had French embassy staff on hand when they raided a house in Tambon Mae Nam at 5am. They seized a quantity of marijuana and 20 pieces of evidence, including a computer, phone and bank passbooks

  • Ride 4 Kids V2.0 Gearing Up

    Ride 4 Kids V2.0 Gearing Up

    Pedal power to raise money for needy children in Phuket. Following on from the success of Ride 4 Kids 2017, preparations and training is underway for Ride 4 Kids V2.0, 2018, to benefit the needy children of Phuket in three different charities, T he Good Shepherd , Phuket Has Been Good To Us and Outrigger’s Share 4 Change Program

  • TOONS TUNES – Rudimental “Rumour Mill”

    TOONS TUNES – Rudimental “Rumour Mill”

    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Sometimes I hear a track and think oh I like that, “Shazam” it and then find out it’s not new and actually is a couple of years old. This of course is the case for Rudimental’s 2015 song “Rumour Mill” featuring Anne Marie and Will Heard.

  • Thailand’s zoo horrors captured by British photographer

    Thailand’s zoo horrors captured by British photographer

    PHOTO: Aaron Gekoski A British photographer has had a sickening series of photos published in after witnessing what he described as “a wildlife house of horrors”. 37 year old environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski says he witnessed the shows on a tour of Thailand’s zoos and will now campaign for more restrictions over the industry. In the article he claims… “Orangutans are shown being forced to fight in boxing rings with gloves strapped to their hands, an elephant performs tricks on a stone stage and then afterwards they are locked up with the others in hellish conditions”.

  • Better driving license procedures for foreigners on the way

    Better driving license procedures for foreigners on the way

    The Department of Land Transport has partnered with British Embassy Bangkok to improve driving licence procedures for foreign nationals across Thailand. The improvements will focus on guidelines for obtaining a licence, how to prepare for the driving test, raising awareness of specific risks on the road unique to Thailand, and recaps on internationally recognised driving standards. Deputy director general of Department of Land Transport Kamol Buranapong said this collaboration would help enhance the understanding of foreigners and protect their rights as road users under Thai laws

  • THAIGER TODAY Wednesday, February 14

    THAIGER TODAY Wednesday, February 14

    Another Chinese tour bus crash on the notorious Patong Hill | Pollution levels starting to fall in BKK | UN Refugee Chief speaks out about repatriation of Rohingya | Thai Education Minister apologises to Prawit | British government questions Thailand over prison conditions | Three white tiger cubs get their first public outing | And where do all the Valentine’s Day flowers come from? The post THAIGER TODAY Wednesday, February 14 appeared first on Phuket Gazette

  • DAY FOUR – Phuket King’s Cup. Wind softens but competition heats up.

    DAY FOUR – Phuket King’s Cup. Wind softens but competition heats up.

    It’s been a week of consistently excellent winds (and gusts which peaked at 25 knots at times), but lighter conditions appeared for Day Four. This had the potential to alter standings heading into today, as well as tomorrow’s final race. Today also marked the conclusion of a great week of racing across all of the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta Dinghy class events, with its biggest fleet ever and much more of an international vibe