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  • 66 yo Austrian arrested in Chiang Mai for possessing child porn

    66 yo Austrian arrested in Chiang Mai for possessing child porn

    The Thai immigration says they’ve arrested a 66 year old Austrian for downloading and possessing child porn. The Thailand Internet Crime Against Children (TICAC) division learned about someone using the Dark Web to access child porn in September. Thai police identified the person living in the Pa Daet district in the Chiang Mai city and obtained an arrest warrant

  • Backdown over “Prathet Ku Mee” anti-military rap

    Backdown over “Prathet Ku Mee” anti-military rap

    The government and authorities have veered away from a potential showdown with student activists and erred on the side of good politics with a back down on threats to press charges against the team behind the “Rap Against Dictatorship.” Read our weekend editorial about the matter HERE .

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    Most rape cases ‘settled’ by police, says foundation

    by Kornrawee Panyasuppakun – The Nation We are all familiar with Thai police ‘settling’ small misdeamours, mostly road, on the spot – acting as judge and jury and keeping many minor potential court cases away from lawyers and the Thai court system. But the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation claims that most rape case, including child rape cases, are also ‘settled’ by police before they reach court.

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    District in Thailand’s south declared Special Control Zones

    Special report from Chularat Saengpassa – The Nation “We have no idea what will happen next. The soldiers have been keeping a close eye on people going in and out of the village.” Locals in parts of Pattani’s Nong Chik district now live in fear due to the strong military presence in their hometown. “We are scared and don’t want to leave our home these days,” said Nuda, whose husband has been under military custody since Sunday

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    Hands-on schooling setting an example in Chiang Mai

    by Chularat Saengpassa PHOTO: Padungkiat Jaiwong, far left, and fellow barbers of the “HK Barber” salon at Wat Huai Kaew School in Chiang Mai’s Mae On district show off their haircutting equipment. “Take me to your heart, Take me to your soul. Give me your hand before I’m old, Show me what love is, haven’t got a clue, Show me that wonders can be true.” 15 year old Padungkiat Jaiwong is proud of his rendition of the Michael Learns to Rock hit, and said he was inspired to study the English language after his teacher encouraged him to start singing Western hits

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    Fern helps her mum sell food in Krabi. She also speaks four languages fluently.

    PHOTO: A five year old Thai girl, who can speak three foreign languages, helps her mother to sell food along the beach in Krabi.

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    Young Muay Thai fighters exposed to irrepairable brain damage

    A swirling kick to the head, followed by some more leaps, direct head punches and dodges. The very Thai sport of Muay Thai is coming under increased examination, especially for younger fighters where evidence is emerging of irrepairable brain damage and developmental issues. Critics say that greedy parents and money is driving many youngsters into a dangerous sporting environment

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    Police drag man out of Pattaya school after ex-wife clams he was carrying a gun

    The father at the centre of a viral video has brought along his lawyer to the Bang Laming Police to discuss, what he claims, was an excessive use of force at a primary school in Pattaya yesterday.

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    Australian doctor reveals about the complicated sedation of Mu Pa 13

    Dr Richard Harris, the Australian doctor involved in the Tham Luang cave rescue, has revealed new details about the sedation of the young football team, following a ceremony at Government House in his home city of Adelaide on Thursday where he received a standing ovation. Thai PBS reports that Dr Harris spoke about howhe taught the other divers how to administer dangerous anaesthetic drugs so they could maintain the sedation for the Mu Pa (wild boar) team mid-rescue, according to ABC News Australia

  • Father and mother found in Trang murder-suicide

    Father and mother found in Trang murder-suicide

    Two Trang parents dropped their children off with a relative and then drove away. Not long after police found the two dead in an apparent murder-suicide