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    Full steam ahead for the Thai high-speed railway

    PHOTO: CRRC Corporation “CRRC has also provided subways and high-speed trains for the US, Argentina, Brazil and Singapore.” Imagine getting on a train in Bangkok and being in Nakhon Ratchasima, in Thailand’s central north-east, within an hour.

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    Ceremonies for the 47 victims held today – Phoenix

    The Phoenix is expected to be brought up on to the land at the Rattanachai Shipyard in the next two days. Forensic Police are now inspecting the boat while a Buddhist ceremony was held for the 47 victims today.

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    Visa-fee waiver for 21 countries as tourism numbers spark panic

    by Kat Chanwanpen Visitors from 21 countries are getting their visa-on-arrival fee waived for 60 days, starting December 1. Amid declining numbers of visitors, notably from China, a desperate Cabinet yesterday agreed to waive the 2,000 baht visa-on-arrival fee for tourists from 21 countries for 60 days to try and revive one of the main engines of economic growth. Meanwhile, the government’s economic minister, Deputy PM Somkid Jatusripitak, yesterday made a deal in Shanghai with Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to help promote Thailand as a tourist destination to Chinese people.

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    Mangkhut will hit China coast around noon today

    Typhoon Mangkhut will pass over the coast of southern China and be closest to the Pearl Delta, one of the most densely urbanised regions in the world, around noon today.

  • Mangkhut bearing down on the northern tip of Luzon, The Philippines

    Mangkhut bearing down on the northern tip of Luzon, The Philippines

    The Philippines continues to evacuate thousands as soldiers and emergency workers continue to prepare shelter and emergency provisions. ‘Super’ Typhoon Mangkhut is threatening more than four million people in the northern island of Luzon

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    Mega storm bears down on Luzon Island, The Philippines

    Two typhoons are barreling into several coastlines in the east and south-east Asia. There’s Typhoon Barijat, lying to the south of China and making its way past Hainan Island as we write this article. Around 12,000 people have been evacuated from low-lying parts of China’s Guangdong province and shipping halted ahead of it’s landfall tonight

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    Thailand takes over the chair for ASEAN next year. What’s at stake?

    “As Thailand takes over the ASEAN chairmanship next year, it is important for the country to drive ASEAN forward to achieve the utmost benefits for Thais and peoples across the ASEAN region.” The integration story of Southeast Asian nations, widely known as ASEAN, began in 1967 and has since brought about significant changes to the Southeast Asian region. For decades, ASEAN has played an instrumental role in maintaining political stability, fostering economic,trade and investment cooperation, as well as facilitating technology transferand greater mutual understanding among its member nations.

  • Now everyone can fly – from CNX to Hanoi

    Now everyone can fly – from CNX to Hanoi

    It’s getting easier and easier to get around the region with new start-ups opening up the skies and current operators always introducing new routes. Now, the people that brought us the slogan “now Everyone Can Fly”, Air Asia, is launched four direct flights a week between Chiang Mai and Hanoi, Vietnam’s northern capital. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday flights start from October 28, bringing the airlines’ network to eight routes out of Chiang Mai.

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    Thais, Chinese and Burmese arrested over Phuket’s 13 million baht ‘call centre’ gang

    “Police seized 8 laptops, 4 wi-fi routers, 150 mobile phones, 4 iPad tablets, one money counting machine, 135 credit cards, 6 ATM cards, 52 SIM cards, 13,568,570 baht in cash, 3,800 yuan cash and one new Mercedes Benz CLA 200.” Representatives of the Tourist Police Bureau, based in Bangkok, have arrested 2 Thais, 22 Chinese and 1 Burmese who were allegedly working for a call-centre scam gang that has stolen some 13 million baht to date.

  • Chiang Rai: 14 year old Adul played a crucial role in the rescue

    Chiang Rai: 14 year old Adul played a crucial role in the rescue

    The 13 members of Mu Pa Football Academy are now recovering in Chiang Rai hospital. According to attending medical officials, all are doing well