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  • “Phuket, a little piece of paradise” – US News & World Report

    “Phuket, a little piece of paradise” – US News & World Report

    PHOTO: Whilst the annual south-west monsoon continues to kick up dangerous surf along its west coast, the southern island of Thailand has picked up another award. The island has been named the ‘Second Best Beach in the World’ by business publication  US News & World Report

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    Chinese media invited to Phuket to check on marine safety updates

    Deputy Commander of the Tourist Police Bureau based in Bangkok, Maj Gen Surachete Hakparn, was in Phuket over the weekend (twice) and yesterday (Sunday) led Chinese media to follow up on marine safety measures on the island. A team of officers led 24 Chinese journalists from 12 Chinese media outlets were invited to Phuket to follow up on marine safety measures implemented since the July 6 boating disaster. The Tourism and Sports Ministry, and the TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) are in a frenzy to renew Chinese tourist confidence after years of avoidable deaths, especially in bus and marine accidents.

  • Chinese tourist’s bag returned, but without the cash

    Chinese tourist’s bag returned, but without the cash

    “In another case, two other Chinese tourists had 60,000 baht stolen from a bag.” A 35 year old Chinese tourist in Pattaya had his bag returned after leaving it in a Pratamuk restaurant at a resort.

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    Phuket boat show rumbles – a new show announced

    There used to be one Phuket boat show, then there was two, then there was the two coming together as one… and now there is new event. Royal Phuket Marina are putting together their own show with Andy Dowden, of PIMEX fame, the principle organiser. But first a quick history.

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    The Thai internal security command steps in to take over marine safety in Phuket

    PHOTOS: Government Public Relations Department, Phuket Branch. The Thai military’s Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), is now taking over the overhaul of boat safety for Phuket in the wake of the July 6 tragedy when 47 Chinese tourists died after their tour boat sank off Phuket. The Phuket branch of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), the political attaché of the Thai military, will be responsible for setting up guidelines for future boat and tour safety.

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    Why do Chinese tourists like coming to Thailand?

    By Kanjana Lao Nation Graphics The Nation is reporting about a Nielsen Survey that has asked Chinese tourists why they come to Thailand. Thailand remains popular among Chinese tourists, of all ages, due to its relatively low costs

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    Thais, Chinese and Burmese arrested over Phuket’s 13 million baht ‘call centre’ gang

    “Police seized 8 laptops, 4 wi-fi routers, 150 mobile phones, 4 iPad tablets, one money counting machine, 135 credit cards, 6 ATM cards, 52 SIM cards, 13,568,570 baht in cash, 3,800 yuan cash and one new Mercedes Benz CLA 200.” Representatives of the Tourist Police Bureau, based in Bangkok, have arrested 2 Thais, 22 Chinese and 1 Burmese who were allegedly working for a call-centre scam gang that has stolen some 13 million baht to date.

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    Last body from the Phuket boat disaster recovered

    Last night (July 15) divers recovered the final body from ‘Phoenix’. The body had been wedged under the boat. The body was brought back to the Phuket Deep Sea Port before transferred to Vachira Phuket Hospital

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    Phuket’s hotel bookings starting to wane in wake of boating disaster

    (4 minute read) The Nation is reporting that Thai tourism authorities are expressing concern following an increase in cancellations of hotel room bookings by Chinese tourists following the tragic July 5 boat accident.

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    Authorities battle to contain the fallout of ‘Phoenix’ disaster

    “…hotel bookings in Phuket by Chinese tourists in the next two months had shrunk by up to 70 percent. ” Chinese tourists are cancelling Phuket hotel bookings, unnerving Thai authorities and tourism-related business who are scrambling to raise the image of the island’s battered safety reputation