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    Want that perfect picture? Just wait your turn.

    PHOTO: Tomas Alfoldi In this modern day of social media it seems so many are out to get that ‘perfect shot’, and will go to great lengths to get it. Seeing a picture of someone perched on some isolated cliff overlooking some natural wonder and thinking to yourself  ‘I’ve got to get that picture!’.

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    Marine Department halts contstruction of Karon retaining wall

    PHOTOS: DMCR Officials from the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources have paused the Karon Beach retaining wall construction project this week. The Department of Marine and Coastal Resources report that officials found that the project was originally aimed at improving the outlook near the Nong Harn Swamp at Karon Beach and to prevent soil running into the sea. The construction design is 470 metres long of which 280 metres of the wall is complete.

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    BMA says it’s time to sort out Bangkok’s soi dogs

    Bangkok’s governor says the time is up for the capital’s stray dogs. He says ‘enough is enough’ and that too many people are being bitten and harassed. Measures adopted by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have so far proved insufficient and new plans are now being made to address the ongoing problem of stray dogs.

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    New flat-fee taxi service to start 2019 after fare hike refused

    A new taxi service offering unlimited rides for a flat monthly fee of 10,200 baht is set to be launched early next year in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. A total of 2,000 professional taxi drivers and association members will make up the new My Taxi Co fleet, which customers could hail via a smartphone App, according to association president Worapol Kaemkhunthod this morning. Cabbies would no longer have to depend on the Department of Land Transport (DLT)’s fare hikes since they wouldn’t be using the meter, he said.

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    13 provinces on alert for flash flooding

    The Deputy PM Gen Chatchai Sarikalya explained today that winter will officially begin in the nation late this month and the Meteorological Department has assessed that rains in all regions except the south will be 10-20 percent less than the usual average for this time of the year. Meanwhile, flood warnings are in force in the south until Saturday night. Permanent Secretary for Public Health, Dr

  • Krabi residents say no to dolomite mine

    Krabi residents say no to dolomite mine

    Over a hundred residents in Krabi province have staged a rally against an attempt to operate a dolomite mine in their community. (Dolomite is used for acid neutralisation in the chemical industry, in stream restoration projects, and as a soil conditioner

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    Phuket monkey sterilisation Stage Two underway

    PHOTOS: The Phuket PR Office Southern long-tailed macaques, captured at Khoa To Sae have been sterilised today. 129 macaques were captured yesterday (September 13) at Khao To Sae in Rassada as part of Stage Two in the capture/steralise/release program

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    Two weather systems cooking up a storm, heading our way

    It’s the wettest month of the year and we’re about to get plenty of moisture over the next five days, according to the Meteorological Department. “For most of Thailand, the wettest months are usually August-October

  • Mother and baby elephant found dead in national park

    Mother and baby elephant found dead in national park

    PHOTO: Wild elephant in the Kaeng Krachan national park A wild elephant and its baby have been found dead near a reservoir in the Kaeng Krachan national park in Phetchaburi province, west of Hua Hin near the Myanmar border.

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    Online shopping attracts attention from Customs Department

    We’re getting more used to online shopping. And the Thai Customs Department are getting better at tracking and taxing incoming goods. The Customs Department has stepped up its tax collection for online shopping and provided more convenient services for taxpayers, Kulit Sombatsiri, director general of the Customs Department, said on Thursday