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    BKK Taxi driver fined 2,000 baht for watching porn whilst driving

    PHOTOS: The Nation Yesterday a passenger filed an official complaint with the land office saying that a taxi driver was acting inappropriately by watching ‘porn’ whilst he was driving and taking his shirt off (which was a football shirt and not a proper uniform). Today, the taxi driver was fined 2,000 baht for watching a video disc and dressing improperly while transporting the passenger. Wirat Promthai reported himself to the Land Transport Department at 10am this morning after a female passenger filed a complaint with the department against him

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    Krabi: Erosion threatens fossils on Andaman coast

    By Sitthichai Sikhawat Known as ‘The 75 million-year-old shell cemetery’, the mollusk fossil-filled beach at the Andaman coastal province of Krabi is now facing erosion after being damaged by strong currents over the past two years, a senior official at the Hat Noppharat Thara–Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park said on Sunday. Conserving the 40 centimetre thick fossil layer on the beach has proven to be a battle against the forces of nature, said Plianprasob Khaonuan, head of the shell cemetery park protection unit at Ban Laem Pho in Tambon Sai Thai. Citing the unit’s Sunday inspection, he said another two kilometre long section of fossil deposit beach had also shown signs of severe damage due to the strong waves and that the threat of erosion continued.

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    Man drowns in Phuket jet-ski accident

    A man has died after falling off from a jet-ski at a lagoon in Thalang yesterday (June 21) Thalang Police were notified about the incident at a lagoon on Srisoonthorn Road near the Valley Housing estate in Thalang at 4.30pm. Phuket Marine Police, diving rescue workers and the Thalang Police were involved in the search for the body. The search was taking many hours, hampered by the approaching sunset and the muddy waters

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    Monkey chase in Chalong

    Whilst mischievous monkeys are being rounded up and sent to uninhabited islands around Phuket, one has found its way into a Chalong residential area. A monkey was found running around homes in Chalong yesterday (June 16). Officers of the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) stationed at Chalong Municipality were notified at 10.05am that a monkey was searching for food around a worker camp in Soi Yod Sanae

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    DMCR officials inspect the coral areas in Paklok

    Last week locals spoke out against the establishment of a new marina near Koh Hei in the Ao Kung area of Paklok (in between Ao Po and Boat Haven marinas). Conservationists and locals are worried that there will be damage to the coral if construction of a marina is started along with the dredging of a channel for boats to access the new facility. Read the original story  HERE.

  • 3 out of 20,000 traditional medicines may have potential to cure some cancers

    3 out of 20,000 traditional medicines may have potential to cure some cancers

    In a country where faith in old beliefs and superstition are still prevalent, the dangers are that people continue to put that faith in traditional herbal medicines which may have either no effect, or even a detrimental effect, on treating serious diseases like cancer. Recent testings have shown that the vast majority of herbal remedies tested have no effect on fighting cancers. Thai PBS reports that over 20,000 traditional medicine formulas have now been registered but only three of them have been shown to have the potential to be developed into medicines which are capable of blocking the spread of some cancers

  • 656 homes damaged by Spring storms

    656 homes damaged by Spring storms

    The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation are reporting that the summer storms in the north, north-east and central regions have created damage across 17 provinces during April 2-April 6.

  • THAIGER TODAY Tuesday, March 6

    THAIGER TODAY Tuesday, March 6

    More details about alleged ‘tapes’ from Belarus escort | ‘Freak storms’ for central and northern Thailand | Latest in ‘furious aunties’ case | Smog ‘very bad’ in north | 69 year Dutchman and 19 year old Thai in custody over prostitution and human trafficking | Labour Department being asked to ‘fast track’ migrant registration | Krabi Airport runway repairs on the way. The post THAIGER TODAY Tuesday, March 6 appeared first on Phuket Gazette .

  • Ao Po Grand Marina gets dragged into Premchai investigations

    Ao Po Grand Marina gets dragged into Premchai investigations

    PHOTO: Italian-Thai Development president Premchai Karnasuta is subject to another encroachment investigation as a firm in which he is major shareholder is accused of encroaching on mangrove forests and the public sea in Phuket. Jatuporn Buruphat, director general of the Marine and Coastal Resources Department, said on Friday that he had instructed officials to conduct a probe against Ao Po Grand Marina Co Ltd following complaints from local residents

  • Lost tusk in pachyderm punch-up

    Lost tusk in pachyderm punch-up

    Officials at Khao Yai National Park are standing by with medical gear in case more elephant bulls engage in combat over grazing rights – or over a female, as happened on Wednesday morning. Male elephants Plai Duan and Plai Sa-ard were duelling over a female from 7am Wednesday into the afternoon in the Pong Thung Kwang area. Plai Duan sustained a cut over the left eye, but you should’ve seen the other guy – Plai Sa-ard lost a tusk