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    Bangkok: 88 million baht worth of assets seized over corruption

    The AMLO (Anti-Money Laundering Office) is set to confiscate assets from three former top officials of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security plus 12 other accomplices. The value of the assets is said to have a value of 88 million baht to compensate over corruption involving state funds for the destitute

  • Cabinet meeting in Nakhon Sawan – Prayut rejects demands from groups

    Cabinet meeting in Nakhon Sawan – Prayut rejects demands from groups

    Amid claims that regional visits were an attempt to boost his popularity before the election, he said: “In the past four years, we have always had this kind of excursion. So, don’t think that we do this on purpose.” The PM, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, yesterday said ‘no’ to financial demands made by groups from the lower northern provinces during a Cabinet meeting in Nakhon Sawan province, in the Central area, north of Bangkok.

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    Three more arrested in Phuket loan shark crackdown

    Phuket Provincial Deputy Commander Col Sermpan Sirikong says, “We’ve arrested one male and two female suspects in a loan shark crackdown. From May 24 until now we have arrested 18 suspects.” Read more about last month’s arrests over loan shark charges  HERE . “The male suspects are 41 year old Songkran Moonthongkam from Nakhon Pathom

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    Thai teen pregnancy education gets real

    The Education Ministry will include a test on sex education and life skills in the Ordinary National Educational Test (Onet) from this year forward as a part of efforts to prevent teen pregnancy. “We will soon inform all students about this decision via their schools,” Deputy Prime Minister General Chatchai Sarikulya said on the weekend. The decision was reached at a meeting of the committee on preventing teen pregnancy and solving related problems held last Friday.

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    ’11 months’ until the next election. Do the maths….

    Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Kreangam election will take place about 11 months from now after the Constitutional Court ruled the organic bill on the election of MPs as ‘constitutional’. The 11 month timeline puts next years election around April, at least two months after PM Prayut promised the next general election for Thai voters.

  • Chinese man arrested with 57 fake ATM cards in BKK

    Chinese man arrested with 57 fake ATM cards in BKK

    FILE PHOTO A Chinese man has been arrested for allegedly stealing ATM card identities to make fake ones and steal from bank accounts. Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal, the deputy commissioner of the Tourist Police Bureau (and earning a reputation as an International Crime Terminator), said the 27 year old Chinese man, named as Xen Dazui, was arrested while he was using a fake card to withdraw money from an ATM machine in front of Soi 20 Mithuna in Bangkok’s Huay Khwang district.

  • Gambling crackdown ahead of World Cup

    Gambling crackdown ahead of World Cup

    With the 2018 World Cup in Russia fast approaching, the Royal Thai Police are launching a special centre tasked with cracking down on online football gambling.

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    Prawit denies any health problems

    Deputy PM and Defence Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan is denying having any health problems. “I am not ill, as you can see now,” said Prawit, who is in charge of the government’s security affairs.

  • Phuket gives away more than 12,000 shirts to public drivers

    Phuket gives away more than 12,000 shirts to public drivers

    Phuket Vice Governor, Sanit Srivihok, chaired a give-away ceremony this morning (March 21), aiming to encourage public transport drivers to dress more professionally. The 12,810 shirts are divided into categories of public transport by color, including a white shirt for taxi, Tuk Tuks with the number plate that begins with 30, bus and van drivers with the plates that begin with 10, while blue shirts are for green plate taxi driver, Tuk Tuk driver with the ฟข and ฟค plates and bus/van driver with plate that begin with 10.

  • Over 40 new parties registered in one day

    Over 40 new parties registered in one day

    By Kas Chanwanpen As many as 42 groups of people requested to establish new political parties on the first day of pre-registration organised by the Election Commission (EC) yesterday.