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    Emergency crews battle airport fire during drill

    Phuket International Airport emergency crews battled fires near the main runway today (June 29). Firefighters and rescue workers were deployed on the tarmac as part of regular drills aimed at improving response times and emergency response efficiency. This is the third such drill at the airport this year.

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    Phuket Town clothes shop blaze – 2 million baht in damages

    A clothes shop ‘Hollywood Studio Store’ located in the ground floor of the Paradise Multiplex, Ocean Shopping Mall in Phuket Town, was on fire last night (April 23) and destroyed about 2 million baht worth of valuables. The team of Phuket authorities including Phuket’s Mayor, Somjai Suwansuppana, rushed to the scene with fire trucks The fire was inside of the shop so the firefighters used an axe to break inside to control and extinguish the fire. However, the exercise was difficult because the clothes were highly flammable and were causing a lot of smoke so they had to use a smoke exhauster before getting in

  • Going Gold – Thai/US Cobra Gold military exercises kick off

    Going Gold – Thai/US Cobra Gold military exercises kick off

    FILE PHOTO: Cobra Gold The biggest U.S. force in years has joined thel military exercise in Thailand on Tuesday despite controversy over the Thai junta’s invitation to neighboring Myanmar’s army – the Tatmadaw army has been accused of ethnic cleansing in the Rhakine state of Myanmar. The US scaled back attendance at Cobra Gold, Asia’s largest multilateral military exercise, after the 2014 coup.

  • Emergency simulation at Phuket International Airport

    Emergency simulation at Phuket International Airport

    Last night (August 25), Phuket International Airport conducted an Emergency Plan Exercise: PEMEX – a yearly full course safety measure rehearsal. Phuket Vice Governor, Sanit Srivihok, chaired the activity. The aim of the exercise was to facilitate the coordination and communication between different bodies, such as government officials, airport and airline staff and business operators in the event of an emergency

  • Phuket Airport conducts tsunami drill

    Phuket Airport conducts tsunami drill

    PHUKET: A tsunami evacuation drill conducted at Phuket International Airport yesterday afternoon was declared a success by organizing officials. About 300 people from 34 organizations and agencies took part in the exercise, including Phuket Airport officers, airline staff, business operators, passengers and volunteers