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    Forest officials defend refusing trucks entry to wildlife sanctuary

    PHOTOS: The Nation Various off-road truck enthusiasts haven’t been allowed to enter Kanchanaburi’s Thung Yai Naresuan wildlife sanctuary during December 8-9 because they failed to adhere to the rules and conditions for gaining access. This revelation from sanctuary chief Wichien Chinnawong. Wichien has explained to the media by way of explanation about a recent Facebook post by Thi Lai Pa Border Patrol Police School headmaster Pol Captain Anek Khampimoon, criticising Thung Yai forestry officials for refusing to let his group enter the forest to deliver lunches to students

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    Pic of female sunbather on Phuket balcony goes viral in social media

    A photo of a female tourist sunbathing in a bikini on a balcony of a condo in Phuket. has gone viral in social media today. A Facebook user has posted the picture of the woman lying face down at a balcony of a condominium, her feet were dangling off the side of the building.

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    ‘Maldives’ style resort in Chanthaburi closed down after raid

    Officials have raided and shut down a popular island resort that was advertised as “the Maldives of Chanthaburi”, saying it encroached on the sea. Chanthaburi is south east of Pattaya, about an hours drive from the Cambodian border. Pongpat Wongtrakul, the Provincial deputy governor, led marines of the Chanthaburi and Trat Protection Taskforce, marine park officials and harbour officials in the 9am raid on the Koh Chik Resort.

  • Facebook adds income stream for Thai gamers

    Facebook adds income stream for Thai gamers

    Geek alert. Facebook is going to allow gamers in Thailand to earn income off their ‘livestreams’. Facebook currently has 51 million users in Thailand, the Kingdom’s favourite social media platform At the Thailand Game Show this year, the social media giant said it will allow viewers to send “stars” to the gamers as the livestream progresses

  • Man questioned over bestiality “club” in northern Thailand

    Man questioned over bestiality “club” in northern Thailand

    PHOTO: The alleged organiser of the Bobo bestiality club (right) is interviewed by police at his home (Image by Watchdog Thailand, censored to comply with Thai law) A man who was allegedly running a bestiality “club” near the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai has been questioned by police after an investigation lasting more than a year by animal rights activists Watchdog Thailand (WDT).

  • The government gets a ‘rap’ on the knuckles

    The government gets a ‘rap’ on the knuckles

    13 million views and still going strong. That’s 20% of the population of Thailand.

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    ‘Rape never happened’. Thai police conclude Koh Tao probe

    A  teen who claimed to have been drugged and raped on Koh Tao in June has failed to confirm the site of the attack, identity of the attacker or how the attack happened while being questioned in the UK, Thai police officers said.

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    India has highest number of Facebook users but Singapore is Asia’s FB star

    By DataLEADS – Asia News Network Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide and Asia is Facebook’s most active region in terms of active users. India has the most number of Facebook registered users not only in Asia but in the world. Facebook users in India now number 251 million, becoming the largest audience country for the social media giant

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    Elephant electrocuted in Samut Prakan

    An elephant has been electrocuted while being led by its owner to beg on the streets of Samut Prakan after it accidentally fell into a road drain and broke a restaurant sign’s power cable. The Nation reports that the Bang Phli police were alerted at 9.50pm that an elephant had been shocked unconscious on Thepharak road in front of Wat Bang Phli Yai in Samut Prakan’s Bang Phli district. The police coordinated with the Portecktueng Foundation and Samut Prakan’s Livestock Development Office. Rescuers from the foundation arrived at the scene first and used a crane to lift the elephant from the drain.

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    Koh Tao businessman’s death was suicide – Surat Thani police

    PHOTO: The Alvaro Diving shop on Koh Tao owned by Pattarapol Ekpathomsak Investigating police are ruling a Koh Tao businessman’s death as a suicide. The man yesterday threatened to kill himself on a Facebook Live post then, when he’d ended the post, went ahead with his threat. The man’s name is Pattarapol Ekpathomsak.