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  • THAIGER TODAY. Monday, August 28

    THAIGER TODAY. Monday, August 28

    “She wasn’t here” – Cambodian officials | Thai Government under fire for ‘allowing’ Yingluck to escape | New sugary drink tax | Flow Ride 2017 win for Phuket locals | Gold Mine health-effects report | Big auction win for Land Traffic Office for special number plates.

  • Taxi, tuk-tuk co-ops blame ‘unfair rules’ for problems

    Taxi, tuk-tuk co-ops blame ‘unfair rules’ for problems

    PHUKET: Groups of tuk-tuk and taxi operators in Phuket blame “unfair regulations” as the underlying cause of most problems faced by tourists who use Phuket’s public transport services. The accusations were made during a meeting of senior government officials, including Government Spokesperson Prompong Nopparit, at Phuket Provincial Hall on April 27

  • Phuket rolls on into ‘Doomsday Saturday’

    Phuket rolls on into ‘Doomsday Saturday’

    PHUKET: The mass exodus from Phuket predicated by some failed to materialize today as police at the Tah Chat Chai checkpoint reported normal Saturday morning traffic on Srisoonthorn Bridge, which links outbound traffic to the mainland. Meanwhile, as part of the Provincial government’s efforts to boost confidence that today will not be a one of calamity, as rumors have predicted, a host of high-profile officials were at Phuket International Airport this morning to welcome the first inbound flight of the day. Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha, Government Spokesman and Pheu Thai senior party member Prompong Nopparit, Phuket MP Raywat Areerob and other local government officials met and welcomed 385 passengers arriving from Bangkok aboard the Thai Airways Boeing 747.