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    Seven pit bull dogs attack Monk

    A 68 year old Buddhist monk has had a lucky escape after being mauled by sevenpit bulls while on a morning alms round in Samut Songkhram province. This information from a local police Facebook page. The photos of Phakhru Samutkhanisorn Panyawichuro’s 50 bitemarks, including several wounds that required up to 20 stitches were circulated in Thai social media.

  • Amulet thief arrested in Cherng Talay

    Amulet thief arrested in Cherng Talay

    A team of the Cherng Talay Police led by Maj Parinya Kwankaew have arrested 47 year old Jiradet Kongkaew from Pattalung at a house in Srisoonthorn yesterday. Police seized 29 famous amulets including ‘Luang Por Chaem’

  • Five people in custody after bomb-making equipment and chemicals discovered

    Five people in custody after bomb-making equipment and chemicals discovered

    Five people have been handed over to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) this morning (Friday) linked to the discovery of 1800 bars of ‘Powergel’ in Pathum Thani last month. Powergel is routinely used as a mining explosive and comes in the form of bars.

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    Two mysterious objects found in Mai Khao

    Thachatchai Police received a report about an items that looked like ancient cannons at an old house in the Mai Khao area. The house, which belongs to a local man Dam Jitchamnan, was being demolished for renovation and the objects were found among the debris as workers were clearing it away. The police  found that the rusty items were about 1.5 meters long.

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    4 Men arrested with more than 1,400 amphetamine pills in Kathu

    As part of the Phuket police crackdown on drugs on the island, Kathu police have arrested 4 drug dealers with more than 1,400 methamphetamine pills. The first man arrested was 34 year old Isara Plaikaew with 4 amphetamine pills. He was arrested in Soi Petch Lohlien on April 17

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    Briton admits to beating wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    A British man is in police custody after allegedly kicking his wife to death in a fit of rage. 51 year old Kevin Smitham reportedly beat his wife, 29 year old Kanda, after she refused to have sex with him and he accused her of having an affair, Banmuang reported. Locals say they heard the pair arguing at about 10pm on Sunday evening.

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    Drug crackdown in Krabi’s palm oil plantation

    A man and a woman in Krabi have been arrested in an palm oil plantation with more than 2,000 amphetamine pills, 83 grams of methamphetamine, 500 millilitre of Kratom leave water and a gun alongside their assets valued at about 1 million Baht. The 29 year old man, Athorn Luknoi, was arrested with 208 amphtamine pills, 0.72 grams of methamphetamine and 500 ml of Kratom leave water while the 23 year old woman, Neungruedee Jeerakarn, was arrested with 2,017 amphetamine pills, 81.77 grams of methamphetamine and a 9 mm pistol with 14 bullets

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    4 metre king cobra found in a Krabi toilet

    A four metre long king cobra has been found in the toilet of a local man’s house.

  • More drug crackdowns in Krabi

    More drug crackdowns in Krabi

    Krabi Police held a press conference yesterday (March 22) to announce that two alleged drug mafia gang leaders had been arrested in Krabi with almost 20,000 amphetamine pills and 2 million Baht worth of assets. The two drug dealers, including 43 year old Wirote ‘Bang Lai’ Khaokham and 25 year old Nantanat ‘Fa’ Ratchaniyom, who are Krabi residents, were arrested with 19,200 amphetamine pills, a .38 mm pistol, 50,000 Baht in cash, a pickup truck, a car and a motorcycle. Before Wirote was arrested, police arrested numerous drug dealers working for his network.

  • Phuket drugs dealer arrested

    Phuket drugs dealer arrested

    A 42 year old local woman, Wattanee ‘Nong’ Hansamut, has been arrested with 5,043 amphetamine pills and 666.40 grams of methamphetamine, which are worth about 2 million Baht on the street. Wichit Police received a report on March 11 that Wattanee, who lives in the Phuket Villa Suanluang house project, was taking and selling drugs to small retailers in Phuket. Police arrested her near her house and she confessed that she receives and resells drugs