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    Australian cave medic emerges to his own tragic news

    In the wake of yesterday’s euphoria following the final five team members being successfully evacuated from the Tham Luang caves, a sad epilogue. An Australian doctor, Richard Harris, partly responsible for looking after the Thai football team during their cave ordeal, emerged last night, exhausted but relieved they job was over. Some sad news awaited him.

  • Rabies: Genuine outbreak or misinformed panic?

    Rabies: Genuine outbreak or misinformed panic?

    By Phuket’s Soi Dog Foundation Over the past few weeks, rabies has dominated social media in Thailand. The debate has been covered – and in some cases inflamed – by the traditional print and broadcast media across the country. Some people are now advocating what has been described as “Set Zero”, a massive country-wide slaughter or impounding of all stray dogs, so that the streets will be “safe” again.

  • Phuket green group seeks NGO status

    Phuket green group seeks NGO status

    PHUKET: The Coalition of Global Citizens known as SEEK Phuket (Society, Environment, Economy, Knowledge) is currently compiling its application to become a fully-fledged non-governmental organization (NGO) in Thailand, one of their founders has told the Phuket Gazette. We started informally about four months ago and our lawyers are currently in the process of attaining formal Thai NGO status, said Nick Anthony, one of the founders of SEEK and the Gazettes ‘Person of the Year 2009′ for his environmental campaign work.