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    Body found on the roadside in Krabi

    The body of a man has been found dead on the roadside in Krabi yesterday (August 9). Krabi City Police were notified at 3am yesterday that a body of a man was found on the roadside in Muang Krabi

  • Former tattoo shop owner killed in Krabi

    Former tattoo shop owner killed in Krabi

    A former famous Phi Phi tattoo shop owner has been shot dead. Ao Nang Police were notified of an incident at 4am this morning (Thursday) at a hut in Khao Kram in Krabi.

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    Father seriously injured after being stabbed by son in Krabi

    A father has sustained serious injuries after being stabbed by his drug-addicted son yesterday (August 6) in Krabi. Klongtom Police in Krabi were notified of the incident at a house in Pru Nadin at about noon

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    Krabi millipede invasion

    Thousands of millipedes have invaded more than 30 houses in a Krabi community.

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    Tiger Cave Temple monkeys getting sterilised in Krabi

    Monkeys living around the famous Tiger Cave Temple are being sterilised in the first step in monkey birth control in Krabi where more than 1,000 monkeys are getting into trouble with tourists and locals as their populations swell.

  • Four arrested for cable theft in Krabi

    Four arrested for cable theft in Krabi

    Krabi police yesterday (June 28) have arrested two men and two women for stealing communication cabling. They say that they are having to steal cabling as the rubber price is too low. The two men work as rubber tappers from the south.

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    Ancient paintings found in Krabi cave

    More than 60 ancient paintings, thought to aged around 3-5 thousand years, have been found at the Khao Pru Tee Mae cliff in Chong Lom Mountain, Ao Luek, Krabi. A team of archaeologists from the Fine Arts Department last month found more than 30 paintings of monkeys, humans, elephants and geometric forms along the 300 metres cliff.

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    Krabi elephants reporting for treatment at animal hospital

    Many elephants have been brought to receive medial treatment at the elephant hospital in Krabi province after they fell sick, Benjatham Thaitham, a veterinarian at the Krabi elephant hospital, says the arrival of the rainy season has caused many elephants to be brought to the hospital by their mahouts for treatment. She says she’s worried that the elephants may been eating mud, fruits and vegetables contaminated with toxic chemicals mixed in with the recent rains. Khun Benjatham reports that about 10 pachyderms were brought to the hospital in May alone.

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    Rescue workers help mother give birth in Krabi

    Rescue workers were notified that a woman was about to give birth at a house in Klongthom, Krabi last night (May 14). She was was later identified as 39 year old Chamaiporn Intasar was found in end-stage labour pain and poised to give birth. Rescue workers from the Krabi Pitak Pracha Rescue Foundation assisted Ms Chamaiporn to give birth to her baby.

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    Van crashes with ice truck in Krabi

    A van has crashed into the back of a 6 wheel ice truck in Krabi critically injuring the van driver yesterday (April 10). The van driver, Nattapong Ketmuang, was stuck in the damaged vehicle after the crash on Krabi-Khaothong route before the rescue team rescued him out by using the ‘jaws of life’. He had a broken right leg and was sent to Krabi Hospital.