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    No happy endings for two massage parlours in Phang Nga

    PHOTOS: Sanook Phang Nga district officials and the military have raided two establishments in the Lamken sub-district over the weekend after complaints of noise and the the businesses selling ‘sex’. The first business was called ‘Nang Fa’ (Angel) and was found to have seven staff including one Laotian national whose work permit had expired. The owner ‘Thayarat’ was busted for flouting laws and running a sex business.

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    Trang councillor arrested over roadwork attacks

    A member of the Trang Provincial Administration Council and another Trang resident were brought in for questioning to a military camp yesterday morning (Wednesday). Police say it’s part of the investigation into a case in which unknown assailants burned two road construction machines on the night of July 14 and opened fired on its workers on July 16. The 56 year old councillor Jareuk Tamang, who was accused of being behind the attacks, was arrested at his home, which was one of the 10 targeted locations in Tambon Na Bin La of Muang Trang that were raided by nearly 100 police and soldiers at 6am.

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    Myanmar rebukes UN over Rhakine genocide report

    By Khine Kyaw , Yangon Myanmar has responded to the UNs Fact Finding Mission that concluded genocide had been committed in Rakhine, saying the Myanmar Government did not recognise the mission and accused the writers of the report of intending to create a rift between the civilian government and the military. “We have already dissociated ourselves from the resolution of the UN Human Rights Council, meaning Myanmar does not accept the establishment of that mission

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    Ban military conscription, sell the submarines – Pheu Thai

    The Pheu Thai Party, the political party who won elections under Thaksin, then Yingluck Shinawatra, will abolish compulsory military conscription if it is returned to power after the next election. The former ruling party also says it will sell the Navy’s submarines and use the money to fund the construction of hospitals, the source added

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    Cadet’s family request investigation into autopsy doctors

    PHOTO: The Nation The family of a cadet who died in suspicious circumstances is urging the Medical Council to investigate the doctors that performed the cadet’s autopsy from last year at the military-owned hospital. 18 year old cadet Phakhapong “Meay” Tanyakan died in October 2017, reportedly after being disciplined by his seniors at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School (AFAPS).

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    Australia awards highest honours to Tham Luang cave rescuers

    PHOTOS: Tim Shaw, 2CC Australian members of the Tham Luang cave rescue team, including Dr Richard Harris and Craig Challen, have been congratulated by the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after receiving the Order of Australia and the Star of Courage at a function at Government House in the Australian capital Canberra today. Cave diving medical specialists, Richard Harris and Craig Challen, along with seven other Australians, were rewarded for their courageous roles in rescuing the 12 team members and their soccer coach from the cave near Chiang Rai with bravery medals and Australia’s highest civilian honours. The ceremony was overseen by the Australian Governor General with Australia’s Ambassador to Thailand and the Thai Ambassador for Australia in attendance.

  • Soldiers water down protest plans ahead of PMs north-eastern visit

    Soldiers water down protest plans ahead of PMs north-eastern visit

    Police visited the home of an Ubon Ratchathani academic over the weekend to ask that he and university students refrain from engaging in protests when PM Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha visits the north-eastern province over the next few days

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    Chiang Rai: Rescuers poised to reach ‘Pattaya Beach’

    Rescuers are poised to reach the so-called ‘Pattaya Beach’ chamber in the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai province. Efforts continue to locate the young football team missing in the cave complex for over a week

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    Myanmar: Sacked – Top general accused of involvement in Rohingya crackdown

    PHOTO: Major General Maung Maung Soe amd defacto Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar is accused of a crackdown in Rakhine state that has, so far, forced 700,000 Rohingya to flee. The UN and major western powers describe the crackdown as “ethnic cleansing”. In response, Myanmar’s military now says it’s sacked a top general who was named in fresh EU sanctions against security officials accused of serious rights violations in the Rohingya crisis, including killings and sexual violence

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    Thais don’t have enough savings – Gen Y, Gen X

    Most working Thais only enough savings to last them about six months if they stopped working, or became unemployed.  According to a study from the Customer Insights Centre of the Thai Military Bank, the premise particularly affects the Gen Y and Gen x groups. Generation X – Born: 1966-1976, Generation Y (Echo Boomers or Millennium) – Born: 1977-1994 The study is based on an online survey of working Thais aged 18-54 from the database of 35 million working Thais. The PBS reports that only 20 percent of the working Thais have enough savings to last more than six months after they stop working, said the study, adding that the problem of not enough savings occurs when Thais start working (Gen Y) and carries on until Gen X. 70 percent who earn more than 30,000 baht a month, mostly private office workers and self-employed, do not have enough savings