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  • Weather for January 31

    Weather for January 31

    Bangkok Partly to mostly cloudy. High 33C. Winds light and variable.

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    Big leatherback sea turtle lays eggs in Phang Nga – VIDEO

    PHOTOS: Dr  Thon Thamrongnawasawat | VIDEO: โชติ ครัวโชติรส / Newshawk Phuket A big leatherback sea turtle has laid eggs on a beach in Phang Nga this morning. Officials at the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), Phang Nga, were informed this morning that a big turtle has laid eggs at the Kuek Kak Beach in Khao Lak. Officials went to the beach to find a big leatherback sea turtle, 125 centimetres long and 70 centimetres wide, had already laid eggs on the beach

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    Dolphin rescued near Nai Yang Beach

    PHOTOS: The Phuket PR Office A dolphin, found off Nai Yang Beach this morning, has been rescued. The Sirinat National Park Chief Witoon Detpramuanphon says, “At about 7am this morning, local fishermen at Nai Yang Beach informed us that they have found a dolphin near the beach.” “At 11.30am national park officials reported it was a one metre striped dolphin that was found near the beach.” “The dolphin has wounds on its back and mouth. We helped the dolphin by using a wet towel to hold it in the sea water to balance its body temperature while waiting for veterinarian from the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) for further treatment.” The dolphin is now being checked and cared for at the Phuket Marine Biological Centre.

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    Escaped prisoner trio recaptured in Chumphon

    Three inmates who took advantage of a lapse in security, escaping from a court in Chumphon on Thursday, have been recaptured this morning in Chumpon. Police say the three were hiding on a mountain in a forest near by Huay Kla village in Tambon Tako in Chumphon’s Sawi district for the past two days. They went down to the village for food at 6am this morning and were captured.

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    Tourists flock to Doi Inthanon for the morning mists

    Tourists are heading for the hills to enjoy the first of the season’s cold snaps in northern Thailand. Both domestic and international have have been flocking to Chiang Mai’s Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest mountain, to enjoy the start of the cooler temperatures, dipping as low as 7 degrees Celsius. The Jom Thong district of Chiang Mai province experiences temperatures of between 7-15 degrees Celsius and morning mists, popular with photographers

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    Husband almost beheads wife in Krabi

    A man, who slashed his wife’s neck, killing her in Krabi this morning (September 11), has been arrested. Police and rescue workers arrived at the scene just after midnight to find the body of a woman who was later identified as 49 year old Noorin Rueangrat, lying on a bed in the house in Krabi City. Slash wounds were fund on her neck which was almost completely severed from the body.

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    Husband and wife tourists pulled out of the Nai Harn surf

    PHOTOS: Aroon Solos/ Newshawk Phuket At 10.30 am this morning (Tuesday) two Egyptian tourists (husband and wife) were rescued from surf by lifeguards at Naiharn Beach.

  • Malaysian tourist caught lying to Chiang Mai police

    Malaysian tourist caught lying to Chiang Mai police

    PHOTO: Chiangmai News A Malaysian tourist is in hot water after telling Chiang Mai police that he’d been robbed by a foreigner in the city centre this morning.

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    Fire destroys bedding warehouse in Rassada

    A fire has destroyed a bedding warehouse in Rassada this morning (August 16). Two dogs were reported to have died in the blaze. The Phuket City Police were notified of the incident at 4am this morning in the in Soi Pruyai, 500 metres from the main SuperCheap store in Rassada

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    Phuket’s bank robber surrenders to police

    Thursday’s Thalang bank robber has surrendered himself to police this morning (August 11). Police found that the suspect is also a known gold snatcher