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  • Roll out the water trucks – Phuket’s water runs low

    Roll out the water trucks – Phuket’s water runs low

    by Salinee Prap Many areas of Phuket have suffered a shortage of tap water, with inconsistent or no flow, prompting business operators and residents to buy water from the private sector. Phuket as an island, is usually self-sufficient with its water supply, with three large catchments on the island serving locals, expats and the 12 million annual tourists

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    Thai citizenship likely for one of the Mu Pa team

    PHOTOS: The Nation During the rescue of the Mu Pa 13 from the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai it emerged that three of the team members and their 25 year old coach Ekkapol, were ‘stateless’ – caught in a bureaucratic neverland between Thailand and the nearby border Myanmar area which isn’t recognised by the Myanmar government. Their status leaves them with no passport, no ability to apply for bank accounts or get married. Now, at least one of the four, 13 year old Mongkol Boonpium, has a good chance of securing Thai citizenship

  • Are the 10% beach zones becoming 20% zones?

    Are the 10% beach zones becoming 20% zones?

    Despite appearances that the 10% beach zones seem to be magically growing into the remaining 90% of Patong Beach, Patong Mayor, Chalermluck Kebsup has assured the Phuket Gazette that the rule remains the same and the operators are still following the rules for the placement of sun lounges and umbrellas. “The 10% zoning remains the same and there are signs that clearly specify the area of 10%