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    20 injured after bus flips over near Surat Thani

    A Bangkok – Khanom bus has ran off Highway 41 and crashed into a tree alongside the road injuring about 20 passengers this morning (Monday). Thai PBS reports that the bus was heading from Bangkok on the way to Nakhon Si Thammarat with 36 passengers when it ran off the highway in Chaya district of Surat Thani at 5am

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    Heavy penalties on the way for drivers blocking ambulances

    Motorists failing to get out of the way for ambulances may face harsher punishments for “endangerment to others” as netizens join with the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) and the police to get tough on offenders. The fine for blocking an ambulance could be raised from the current 500 to 10,000 baht or as high as 20,000 baht if the NLA passes legislation being called for by two Facebook-based campaigners for changes to the Land Transport Act.

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    Fake food and cosmetic products in Thai markets

    Thai PBS is reporting that the FTI’s food supplements industry club is coming under scrutiny following police and officials from the Food and Drugs Administration raided several major manufacturing plants and found huge quantities of substandard and fake cosmetic and food supplements. The Federation of Thai Industries is claiming that 40% of food supplements and cosmetic products sold in markets were found to be fake and contaminated

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    Sales, exports, production – Thai car business growing

    Car sales are likely to exceed 900,000 units by the end of 2018. This is according to the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) saying that production and sales have been picking up

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    Same sex marriage laws likely to be passed in the lifetime of current government

    After years of calls by sexual-diversity groups, a new law that would allow registered life partnership for same-sex couples is in the making. Supporters expect it to be promulgated within the lifetime of the present government.

  • Nine tourists injured in Nakhon Pathom van accident

    Nine tourists injured in Nakhon Pathom van accident

    Seven South Korean and two Indonesian tourists were injured this morning (Tuesday) when their chartered van ran into the drainage ditch in the middle of a Muang Nakhon Pathom road and struck a tree. Police say the driver Thinnakorn Meekhao lost control in the southbound lane of Phetkasem Road in Tambon Bang Khaem near the Uni Land Golf Course intersection. Seven male tourists from South Korea and an Indonesian man and woman were taken to Bangkok Sanam Chan Hospital about one kilometre away.

  • Two killed and five seriously injured in Songkhla road crash

    Two killed and five seriously injured in Songkhla road crash

    Two have been killed and another five seriously injured after a pickup truck crashed into a motorcycle with a sidecar and turned over in Songkhla province yesterday (April 22). Quoting eyewitness accounts, Singha Nakhon district police said that the sidecar was carrying five people from the same family, including the driver, when it tried to make a U-turn to the other side of the Songkhla-Ranot road. A pickup truck, which was following the side car close behind, failed to stop and slammed into it

  • Foreigners detained in Pattaya sex orgy raid

    Foreigners detained in Pattaya sex orgy raid

    PHOTO: Siamchon News More raids in Pattaya after police and authorities raided a ‘sex party’ being held at a hotel allegedly managed by a 53 year old Chinese man. Local police, immigration officers and Tourist Police carried out the raid after reports that the 30 room hotel located in the Nong Prue area was being used to host sex and swinging parties, as reported in Siamchon News. As many as 25 people were part of the orgy according to police including nationals from the US, Canada, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, India and Ukraine.

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    Thailand for the Trump/Kim Summit. Why not?

    US President Donald Trump and North Korea premier and dear leader Kim Jong-un are going to have an historic summit. But they need somewhere to meet – somewhere neutral, somewhere safe, somewhere where there’s good food, somewhere both parties will agree to

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    2018 Songkran road toll total up on last year

    This year’s Songkran “Seven Dangerous Days counted an appalling toll of 418 people dying on Thailand’s roads compared to last year’s 390.