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    Flooding in Phuket, Phetchaburi and Mae Hong Son

    PHOTO: Samkong underpass, Phuket – Newshawk Bad weather has hit Phang Nga and Phuket this morning whilst the flooding waters from the Kaeng Krachan dam in Phetchaburi are now reaching the main business district. In Phuket the major arteries are being clogged by flooding waters creating havoc for this morning’s peak hour. The Marine Office has issued a warning for boats heading to sea today.

  • Another young British victim reports being robbed and raped on Koh Tao

    Another young British victim reports being robbed and raped on Koh Tao

    PHOTO: Sairee Beach, Koh Tao Another young British female tourist claims she had her drink spiked in a Koh Tao bar, and then was robbed and raped on the notorious Sairee Beach. Sairee Beach was the location of the rape and murder of young Brits Hannah Witheridge and David Miller back in 2014.

  • February. Yes, probably, maybe…

    February. Yes, probably, maybe…

    PHOTO: The Nation The Thai PM has endorsed a statement made by Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam over the weekend that February 24 is the first possible date an election can be held. He says there is no justification for a general election to take place before that date

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    Flood watch on Phetchaburi, Nan, western provinces

    An update on the flood situation in many parts of the country. PHOTOS: The Nation Phetchaburi Water levels in the Phetchaburi River are rising dangerously from the overwhelmed Kaeng Krachan Dam.

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    A rat found in a bag of fermented fish

    Phuket consumer protection officials inspected Phuket’s main department store in Rassada after a customer found a dead rat inside a packet of Thai fermented fish (Pla ra) products.

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    Indonesian forest fires spread smoke into southern Thailand

    Smoke from forest fires in Indonesia has begun to affect areas of Thailand’s southern region, including the Hat Yai district of Songkla, where particulate levels are now considered detrimental to health. Smoke from Indonesian forest fires has shrouded much of Songkla province extending out to sea, impacting on visibility for boat operators. Songkla Fisheries Association Head, Suradech Nilubon has issued a warning to all commercial boats to proceed with caution at this time, emphasizing that boats returning to dock at night should use their spotlights to avoid accidents, while those at sea at night must keep warning lights on.

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    Resorts near Kaeng Krachan dam in Petchaburi temporarily closed

    PHOTOS: The Nation More than 30 resorts downstream of the Kaeng Krachan dam in Phetchaburi province, are being closed temporarily due to heavy flooding. Thai PBS reports that floodwater levels at the 30 plus resorts range from 1-3 metres making it impossible to carry on with their business.

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    Three year old suffocates in Pattani school van

    WARNING: This story may be distressing to some readers Pattani police have charged a school van driver after a three year old girl was forgotten and locked in a vehicle at a school and subsequently died of suffocation.

  • Australian police detain five Thai nationals involved in human trafficking

    Australian police detain five Thai nationals involved in human trafficking

    Human trafficking from Thailand to Australia’s capital city, Canberra, is under investigation after raids on Fyshwick brothels (massage parlours) this week. An Thai-Australian woman has been charged and five Thai nationals detained over immigration offences as a result of simultaneous raids on ‘escort agencies’ in Fyshwick, Canberra, this week.

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    Body found floating off Kata Beach identified as Surat Thani man

    The body of a man who is believed to be from Surat Thani was found floating just off Kata beach yesterday (August 15). Back on Monday evening, Karon Police were alerted about a tourist who was missing. A search was launched and kept going until midnight.