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    “Massive, massive relief” – Diver Richard Stanton speaks

    “The mission was an order of difficulty much higher than anything that’s been accomplished anywhere around the world by any other cave diving team.” The British diver who found 12 Thai boys and their coach trapped alive in a flooded cave has described his “massive relief” as he counted them one by one, in what he called an unprecedented rescue operation. Richard Stanton, one of a pair of British caving experts who located the “Wild Boars” team, gave reporters today a first-hand account of the moment he saw the boys emerge from behind a rock face onto a muddy ledge kilometres (miles) inside the Tham Luang cave

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    Firearms, ammunition and incendiary devices seized in Phuket

    A team of soldiers and police yesterday (July 12) arrested two suspects and seized a cache of firearms, ammunition and incendiary devices. Officers first raided a house in Rassada around 6pm. Officers arrested 52 year old Phuket man, Sanakorn. Police seized various kinds of firearms, ammunition and incendiary devices in his home

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    Up close and personal – team continues to recover

    The 13 footballers rescued from a flooded cave in Chiang Rai province continue to recover under the supervision of staff at the Chiangrai Prachanukroh Hospital.

  • Comment: Will the Blame Game result in a Chinese Phuket tourism boycott?

    Comment: Will the Blame Game result in a Chinese Phuket tourism boycott?

    by Bill Barnett As the death toll climbs past a reported 40 from the recent sinking of a tourist boat in Phang Nga Bay, social media in Mainland China is creating a hailstorm of negative criticism about Phuket. While there is a general perception in Thailand that the tourism market dodged a bullet, with the Chiang Rai cave story dominating mainstream international media, effectively marginalising the Phuket incident, the reality is that out of sight is not necessarily out of mind.

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    Comment: They’re out. Now what? The future for Mu Pa football team members.

    by Tim Newton They’re out. Now what for the 13 young men from Mae Sai?

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    Marine Department launches investigation over boats tragedy

    Marine Department is continuing its investigation over the Phuket boat tragedy, a week ago. The marine Department Region 3 Chief Puripat Teerakulapisut says,“The warning announcement for boats heading to sea is based on the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD). If we can see that the wind and wave conditions are not too strong, we will announce to for boats to be careful travelling into open waters.” “The ban for boats not to leave from port is also considered based on the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD)

  • ‘Phoenix’ to be salvaged as important evidence

    ‘Phoenix’ to be salvaged as important evidence

    The ‘Phoenix’ is to be salvaged in order to help find the one remaining missing passenger as well as another body which has been stuck in the boat, unable to be recovered by divers. The boat is to be salvaged from its current location 45 metres underwater, south-west of Phuket island.

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    Chinese netizens top into Phuket authorities’ handling of boat disaster

    With the Tham Luang cave story evolving into health updates of the team members, some international media are now focussing on Thailand’s worst maritime disaster (since the 2004 tsunami) last Thursday. CNN have published an article sharing Chinese media and netizens ripping into Thai officials, including the deputy PM, Prawit Wongsuwan. Users on the Twitter-like service Weibo, citing witnesses who were at the scene, said there was no official warning in Phuket against sailing when the ship left port, before it encountered inclement weather at sea

  • Chiang Rai: Final five OUT of the Tham Luang caves

    Chiang Rai: Final five OUT of the Tham Luang caves

    The Mu Pa football team will have the full group back together again soon.

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    Chiang Rai: Solid food but no TV – Doctors report on the first eight out of the cave

    The eight members of the Mu Pa Academy football club, already rescued from the Tham Luang Cave in the past two days, are in good health mentally and physically. But attending doctors say all had high white blood cell counts and two initially showed indications of pneumonia. Senior health officials briefed reporters at Chiang Rai Prachanukroh Hospital this morning, saying the group would remain under observation at the hospital for at least one week