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    Access to Maya Bay, from the front, permanently closed

    The closure of Maya Bay has come about after profound changes by chiefs of Thailand’s marine national parks. It’s been revealed that, far from being a knee-jerk reaction, the plan to close the famous tourist magnet is just the start of an entire new approach to marine conservation.

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    No more beatings, and turn off your cameras – Royal Thai Army

    In a tacit admission of the extent of the mistreatment and systemic hazing of Royal Thai Army recruits, the Army has instructed its conscript trainers to mete out punishment strictly in accordance to regulation and to prohibit photos and videos during training. But the recommendation to ‘prohibit photos and videos during training’ suggests that, rather than being open and accountable in the future, the Army will continue to conduct its training of recruits without the prying eye of the public or superiors. Army chief assistant General Weerachai Inthusopon, on behalf of the Army chief, has signed an “urgent” memo to all units on March 20 that Isranews Agency published on Monday this week.

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    1.5 tonne whale shark caught up in a fishing net in Krabi

    A whale shark was found caught up in a fishing net at Ao Nang between Koh Phi Phi and Koh Khaew (Green Island) by ‘Kietwarin 3’ fishing boat over the weekend. The whale shark was 5 metres and weighed around 1.5 tons. The owner of the fishing boat, 48 year old Udon Boonsuk, who is also a boat captain says “boat crews got into the water to help the whale shark out of the fishing net

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    Some psychiatric medications, plus too much water, can be deadly in summer heat

    Health officials are warning people taking medication for psychiatric problems, particularly schizophrenia, to limit their water intake in the summer heat. Mental Health experts are advising that the thirst resulting as a side effect of commonly prescribed medications could prompt people to drink too much water and leave them at risk of contracting potentially deadly hyponatremia.

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    Krabi drug dealer tries to bury over 10,000 methamphetamine pills

    On Saturday (May 12) Krabi Police arrested a woman, 43 year old Surat ‘Rat’ Sansatan. Police seized 10,700 methamphetamine pills ( ya bah ). She was charged with possession of Category 1 drug with intent to sell

  • Vanranyu cruises to victory at Singha Laguna Phuket Open

    Vanranyu cruises to victory at Singha Laguna Phuket Open

    Thailand’s Varanyu Rattanaphiboonkij savoured his first professional victory in front of his family after closing with an even-par 70 to win by six shots in the final round of the Singha Laguna Phuket Open yesterday (Sunday).

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    Drug dealer arrested in sting operation

    Border Patrol Police this week arrested Saksuriya ‘Ta’ Kajornduang at the parking area of the Yeeteng Market on Chao Fa Road in Phuket Town. Police seized 11.93 grams of crystal methamphetamine ( ya ice ) and a licensed handgun with 15 bullets

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    Bangkok property trends continue to point upward

    Bangkok’s property market continues to show price growth with an eight-point increase in the DDproperty Property Index from 205 to 213 in the first quarter of 2018. A strong opening for 2018, this growth is on the back of an improving economic outlook and an expected increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) this year to 4.2 percent (up 0.3 percent year on year), and in part due to the rising cost of developing projects in the popular but densely built-up areas in Bangkok. The Index increased by 213 percent over the last three years, fuelled by escalating land prices, which are in turn dictating the type of projects being built

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    Man killed, murderer arrested in Rassada

    The Phuket City Police have been notified of an incident in front of a house in Soi Malipan, Rassada on Saturday (May 12). Police and rescue workers arrived at the scene to find the body of a man who was identified as 30 year old Peerasit Saelim surrounded by a pool of blood on the ground.

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    Female drug dealer arrested in Phuket Town

    Border Patrol Police this week arrested 24 year old Saranya ‘Palm’ Arjmongkon at a condominium in Phuket Town. Police seized 29.51 grams of crystal methamphetamine ( ya ice ) and 355 methamphetamine pills ( ya bah )

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