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    PM appoints two new ex-politicians as advisors

    The PM is starting to surround himself with more politicians and fewer Army people in the lead up next year’s planned election. The PM, who has always described himself as ‘not a politician’, is showing all the signs of strategically aligning himself with the right people to make him a choice as ‘outside PM’ should the new lower house not be able to choose a Prime Minister following the election.

  • Phuket dengue numbers critical, says public health chief

    Phuket dengue numbers critical, says public health chief

    PHUKET: The chief of Phuket’s Public Health Office has admitted that the “333” anti-dengue campaign launched in April (story

  • Phuket Tourism: Miracle Years for ‘Amazing Phuket’?

    Phuket Tourism: Miracle Years for ‘Amazing Phuket’?

    PHUKET: The latest obstacle in Phuket’s never-ending effort to build a world-class International Conference and Exhibition Center came with the rejection of the projects Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) by the Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning (ONR). Given all the work and money spent on planning and drawing up the design for the Center, to be built in Mai Khao, the rejection came as a huge blow to the many people in Phuket who the project. Perhaps the project’s most ardent supporter, Phuket MP Anchalee Thepabutr, slammed the decision, insisting that the ONR panel was using the wrong information when it determined that the project was not financially viable.