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  • Surat Thani croc-hunters to the rescue

    Surat Thani croc-hunters to the rescue

    (cue dramatic music and slow-motion shot of team walking down Nai Harn Beach, probably with their shirts off) The ‘Crocodile Hunters of the Tapi River Basin’ have arrived in Phuket to save the day as they help track down a 1, 2 or 3 metre reptile that’s been getting a lot of media and local authority attention but, so far, has been playing hard to get. The team from the Freshwater Fisheries Suppression and Prevention Centre in Surat Thani call themselves Kraithong Loomnam Tapi. Kraithong is the hero of a folktale originating in Phichit, north of Bangkok, who rescues a young woman from the evil clutches of the magical crocodile king Chalawan and slays the reptilian villain in battle

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    AI company invests 350 million baht in SE Asia – opens office in Phuket

    Invacio , an artificial intelligence company, are busy setting up their operations in Thailand as part of their global operations. They are investing up to 350 Million baht in south east Asia Invacio Research Analytics, a group subsidiary of Invacio founded by William J D West, has launched in Thailand, led by Linleeya West (Thai/Swiss educated) Linleeya West felt this was an important move for Invacio, as well as Thailand, to encourage the uptake of AI across the country. She feels that Thailand can be market leaders with early adoption rather than being left behind in the coming technological race. With an auxiliary operations office being developed in Phuket, they have already started the recruitment process to staff their office with dynamic minds and experience Thailand has to offer.

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    Crocodile catchers waiting for conditions to moderate at Nai Harn beach

    A specialist crocodile searching team from Surat Thani today (July 20) has joined the crocodile search operation along the shores of Nai Harn and nearby beaches, while battling with strong winds and waves. Phuket Governor Norraphat Plodthong paid a visit to the crocodile search operation centre at Nai Harn Beach this morning. The crocodile search team from Surat Thani is called ‘Kraitong’ (ancient main charactre in Thai literature who caught a powerful half human-crocodile) and have come down to Phuket to assist officials from the Phuket Fisheries Office

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    Man arrested with 19,800 methamphetamine pills at checkpoint

    Tha Chatchai Police have been conducting a crackdown on drugs at the Phuket Checkpoint and scored a major haul, arresting a man with 19,800 methamphetamine pills. The police arrested 37 year old Peerawat ‘Joke’ Bualoy from Pattalung.  Police seized 10 packages of methamphetamine pills, a total of 19,800 pills at the Phuket Checkpoint while he coming through the road entry point to the island. Peerawat was taken to Tha Chachai Police Station where he has been charged with illegal possession of Category 1 drugs with intent to sell.

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    Water Park Wars – Phuket wettest battlefield

    by Xinyi Liang-Pholsena of is reporting that the water park battle in Phuket is getting very intense as new players enter the marketplace.

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    More wind and rain predicted for the North and South

    The Thai Meteorological Department is warning we still have some rain ahead, in the northern and southern ends of the country. They report that the active low-pressure system from tropical depression Son-tinh is still leading to torrential rain for the North and the North-east of Thailand

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    The 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse next week

    The moon is going to disappear for six hours next week in a mega lunar eclipse – the longest for the entire 21st century. In fact it will be this century’s longest lunar eclipse and will be able to be seen across Thailand on July 27-28 between 00.14-6.10 am.

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    Swedish motorcyclist found dead on Wiset Road, Rawai

    Chalong Police arrived at the Chalong underpass roadworks construction control office on Wiset Road in Rawai at 6am this morning to find the body of a foreign man who was later identified as 39 year old Swedish Frederik Maes on the ground. Two serious wounds were found on his stomach, knees and left leg. Blood was found coming from his mouth and nose

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    Rawai Mayor confirms 3 metre crocodile off Nai Harn beach

    Red flags have been put up on Nai Harn and Yanui Beaches to warn tourists of a crocodile in the water. Locals and Rawai Mayor Aroon Solos have been patrolling the southern beaches trying to locate the crocodile that was first reported yesterday morning by a local fisherman

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    30 tourists stuck at Koh Racha Yai call for help to get back to Phuket

    The Phuket Marine Police were called today (July 19) to fetch about 30 tourists back to Chalong Pier from Koh Rach Yai, following another day of strong winds and high seas. At 6am today the Phuket Marine Police were notified that there were 6 Thais, 15 Chinese, 2 Russians and 7 New Zealanders that were stuck at Koh Racha Yai and unable to depart the island yesterday due to the strong winds and high waves. They’d been staying on the island