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  • Wanted gunman arrested in Satun over triple shooting in Phuket

    Wanted gunman arrested in Satun over triple shooting in Phuket

    A Phuket family of three was shot on April 9 resulting in injuries after their neighbour got angry over their dog’s barking. Gunman, 36 year old Panpakorn ‘Aon’ Suwannarit, fled with the gun. Arrest warrant weren issued on April 10 for Panpakorn who was accused of intentionally trying to kill plus illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, and carrying gun in public without a permit.

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    Miss Grand Thailand 2018 heading to Phuket to raise charity funds

    Miss Grand Thailand contest is heading to Phuket at the end of next month. This year’s charity event will be working with local Phuket students and buying new bike helmets to promote bike safety for the island’s young riders

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    New airports approved for Phuket and Chiang Mai

    After four years of false starts and rumours it looks like Phuket will now get a much-needed second airport to feed the island and the surrounding region. Yesterday’s announcement by AoT (Airports of Thailand) comes after extensive studies to examine the extension of the current Phuket airport runway which is hemmed in by Thepkasattri Road at one end and the Andaman Sea at the other. The newly announced airport won’t actually be on the island

  • Pro-election activists released on bail

    Pro-election activists released on bail

    Fifteen political activists have been granted bail shortly after the Criminal Court ordered their 12 day detention following charges resulting from participation in last Tuesday’s pro-election assembly in the capital. The activists were released yesterday on 100,000 baht bail each with the condition that they must not take part in political gatherings that will “break laws and put society at risk”. Police had opposed bail, arguing that many of the activists had been charged and released several times for involvement in political assemblies

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    National complaints filed against the TOT managing director

    A complaint has been filed at the Damrongdhama Centre in the Phuket Provincial Hall today (May 24). About 10 staff members of TOT Public Company Limited Phuket Office, led by Adireak Tipmongkol, filed a letter to the Thai prime minister. The letter requests the dismissal of Monchai Noosong, managing director of the TOT, from his position.

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    Damage found in the Ao Kung mangroves

    Watcharin Thinthalang, Director of the Phuket Marine and Coastal Management Division of the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) says, “Ao Kung mangrove forest is under the protection of local laws.

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    Officials call for help in the search for the whale shark

    A team of officials, led by director of the Phuket Marine and Coastal Management Division of the Phuket Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Watcharin Thinthalang, have been following the issue of the whale shark caught off Phuket last Friday. “Before, the search for the whale shark covered an area 24 kilometres from the original position it was spotted

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    Man found dead in Rassada lagoon

    The body of a 66 year old man has been discovered in a lagoon in Rassada.

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    Locals in Rassada agree with monkey birth control and moving to nearby islands

    Today (May 22) a public hearing was held with the Tha Chin community in Rassada led by Director of the Natural and Wildlife Education Centre at Khao Phra Thaew Non-Hunting Area in Thalang Pongchart Chouehorm. More than 180 locals joined in the public hearing to discuss the monkey problem in the area.

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    Captains to face more charges in whale shark incident

    The captain of the ‘Sang Samut 3’ fishing boat, Somsamai Meejom (the fishing vessel at the centre of last Friday’s whale shark catch) says, “We did not realise that the whale shark was caught in fishing net. Boat crews pulled the fishing net up and could feel that it was very heavy.