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    Politics: Yingluck’s first public message in 10 months

    Former Thai PM Yingluck Shinawatra has spoken out for the first time since she fled Thailand nearly 10 months saying thank you to her supporters for their birthday wishes.

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    Elvis’s plane up for auction. It’s now or never.

    If you’re in the mood for buying a bit of music, and aviation, history, it’s now of never! CNN reports that there’s no engine, the cockpit’s a mess and the red velvet seats are not fit for the once king of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Restoring this plane will require a heap of cash, a hunk of burning love, paint, an engineer with a lot of time and some spare parts from Lockheed.

  • Chiang Mai: Thai shoe thiefs caught red-handed at Wat Doi Suthep

    Chiang Mai: Thai shoe thiefs caught red-handed at Wat Doi Suthep

    Uproar yesterday following video showing a Thai man and woman stealing a Chinese tourist’s expensive shoes at Wat Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. Daily News reports that the mum and dad, with their child, were caught on CCTV at the temple. Mum takes off her shoes and these are put in a bag by the father. Then they come back and mum selects the best she can find – alleged to be a 3,500 baht pair of sneakers – from the rack. Then off they head home on a motorbike

  • Phuket: Persistent Python vs Dog

    Phuket: Persistent Python vs Dog

    Today in Phuket..

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    Sansiri launches THE BASE Central – Phuket

    Sansiri launched another one of their ‘BASE’ branded condos with the launch of ‘THE BASE Central Phuket’. Quoting from their media release, “The design is influenced by an enchanting lifestyle where the native people and Chinese from across the seas come together to create the Peranakan culture under the new concept ‘MARK MY BASE’.” Poomisak Julamaneechot, Vice Managing Director of the condominium development project, San Siri Public Company Limited says, “Sansiri has continued under The Base brand in Phuket by launching this new project ‘The Base Central –Phuket’ with a budget for construction 1,660 million Baht.” “The unique location at the heart of the island near Central Festival, and just one minute from the proposed new light rail station.” “The project is under the branding of ‘Complete Your Living Experience’. The project will be available for initial registration and reservations on June 23-24 with prices starting from 1.99 million Baht.” Check out some more about the new project HERE .

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    British fraud gangs in Thailand – Pattaya, Porsches and prostitutes

    Living the high life in Pattaya whilst funding the Porsches, champagne and girls with money stolen by cloning people’s credit cards. That was the life of just one of several Brits covered in a The Sun report

  • Sadvertising: The art of making us cry and selling stuff

    Sadvertising: The art of making us cry and selling stuff

    “Sadvertising is a consumer advertising trend in which ad creators are using a certain set of strategies to play on people’s emotions and touch off feelings of sadness, melancholy or wistfulness.

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    Coastal erosion experts ringing alarm bells

    “This is a big problem needing urgent solution.” Erosion is eating away five metres of land every year along a combined 42 kilometre long stretch of Thailand’s coastline. The situation is now so serious that a consulting firm is proposing that the government invoke an already-passed environmental law to protect the hard-hit coasts.

  • Wife missing after pickup is swept into a Ranong canal

    Wife missing after pickup is swept into a Ranong canal

    By Kanita Seetong Storms, high winds and flash flooding have wreaked havoc across the Andaman region over recent days. Flash floods have swept a pickup into a canal in Ranong’s Suk Samran district last night (Saturday), with one of the victims missing and feared dead

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    Chiang Mai: Judicial officers have “no plans to move out” – Doi Sutep housing controversy heats up

    Despite a ban on use of the controversial housing project on the slopes of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, judicial officials are not only living there but refuse to move out. The campaigners against the ‘scar of Doi Suthep’ held a meeting today, to address the issue of officers living in the judicial housing, despite a government order that nobody should live there. On June 15, a meeting was held to review the progress and issues of the forest restoration plan on the judicial residences area from the survey that was carried out three days earlier