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  • One killed and 29 injured as bus overturns in Khon Kaen

    One killed and 29 injured as bus overturns in Khon Kaen

    A bus overturned in Khon Kaen province yesterday morning (Sunday), resulting in one death and injuring 29 others. The 51 year old bus driver, identified only as Sarawut, has sustained injuries to his ears and face from the crash.

  • Poll shows most agree 450 baht pet registration fee too high

    Poll shows most agree 450 baht pet registration fee too high

    A NIDA poll shows a split reaction to the new pet registration law proposals. Just over half of the people surveyed in the NIDA Poll were opposed to the government’s proposal that pet owners be charged a fee to register their cats and dogs.

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    Swimmers stung by Bluebottles on Patong Beach

    PHOTOS: Lucky / Patong Lifeguard / Newshawk Phuket Today, tourists have been stung by jellyfish at Patong beach. Lifeguards provided quick first aid. The tourists described the stings as painful but that the treatment provided relief very quickly.

  • No more coups, unless we need one – Commander in Chief

    No more coups, unless we need one – Commander in Chief

    With the country heading for elections in February, or sometime soon in 2019, the hope is for a new, democratically elected government following four and a half years of military rule. But would the army rule out another coup? Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong has refused to rule out the possibility of another coup if the country is plunged into chaos again

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    Leatherback turtles face extinction

    b y Pratch Rujivanarom It may be too late to save leatherback turtles from extinction in Thailand’s seas, as a legal deadlock prevents a conservation status upgrade to protect this critically endangered turtle species and three other rare marine animals. Wildlife conservationists are warning that the slow pace of stepping up the conservation of the leatherback turtle, whale shark, Bryde’s whale and Omura’s whale to preserved status would eventually cause the inevitable extinction of leatherback turtles in Thailand. They were speaking at a public seminar by the Sarakadee Magazine and Seub Nakhasathien Foundation yesterday

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    Chinese arrivals down by half in Chiang Mai

    PHOTO: Chiang Mai News A crisis meeting for tour operators has been held in Chiang Mai where they learned that Chinese tourism was down 50% in the first nine months of 2018.

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    Man kills himself outside his home in Thalang

    A Thai man has shot himself at a house in Thalang today. When Police and rescue workers arrived at the Suppamas housing estate in Paklok about noon, they discovered the body of 66 year old Somnueak Chanapan, a former staff member of the Khao Phra Thaew Non Hunting Area, on a chair in front of the house. Bullet wounds were found on both his right and left temple

  • Mu Pa – from Mae Sai to Ellen Degeneres Show in LA

    Mu Pa – from Mae Sai to Ellen Degeneres Show in LA

    b y The Nation/Asian News Network US daytime talk-show queen, Ellen Degeneres, posted on her Facebook page that the Mu Pa soccer team will be appearing on her program tomorrow (US time). “There was no story more captivating this summer than the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave.” She also posted a picture of herself with all the 13 Mu Pa team members, wearing Ellen-brand football tops in the show’s California studio. Seated with the team was Swedish football star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the former Manchester United player and now LA Galaxy player

  • Key suspect arrested in 800 million baht bitcoin ‘scam’

    Key suspect arrested in 800 million baht bitcoin ‘scam’

    Parinya Jaravijit, a key suspect in an alleged 800 million baht bitcoin investment scam, was arrested last night at Suvarnabhumi Airport when he arrived back in Thailand. Parinya – who continues to maintain his innocence – was taken to Ratchadapisek Criminal Court today to apply for his first 12 day detention period (October 12-23). Police have objected to his bail release on the grounds that he was a flight risk and that the case has caused considerable damage.

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    Over 400 flights affected after THAI Jumbo skidded off runway

    In the wake of Monday’s slip-sliding Jumbo that ended up in the grass verge after skidding off the main runway at Suvarnabhumi, it’s been revealed that the wayward Thai Airways 747-400 delayed 448 arriving or departing flights. The plane ended up with some of its wheels submerged in the soft grass