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    High performance coaching to be at your best!

    by Hayden Rhodes @ Healthy Richuals Philosophy plays an important role in determining how you live and the results that you get in life. Did you ever consider that life could be improved by changing your philosophy

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    Officials raze illegal plantations in Krabi

    Yesterday (May 9) the Chief of the Hat Nopparat – Mu Ko Phi Phi National Park, Worapoj Lomlim raided a plantation in Krabi to demolish rubber, durian and stink bean trees which are aged around seven to ten years. Nearly 100 officials attended the raid to assist in the razing of the illegal crops. The Chief claims that more than 2,000 trees were encroaching on more than 40 rais of land in the Ao Nang area

  • Ride 4 Kids V2.0 Gearing Up

    Ride 4 Kids V2.0 Gearing Up

    Pedal power to raise money for needy children in Phuket. Following on from the success of Ride 4 Kids 2017, preparations and training is underway for Ride 4 Kids V2.0, 2018, to benefit the needy children of Phuket in three different charities, T he Good Shepherd , Phuket Has Been Good To Us and Outrigger’s Share 4 Change Program

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    70 kilogram marbled whipray found in Krabi

    A marbled whipray was found in Klongtom by a local fisherman 67 year old Mardya Tamsuan. Mr Mardya caught the whipray while he was fishing this early morning (May 7). The red big whipray is 1.5 metres diameter and two metre from head to tail

  • 22 year old killed after female driver speeds through red light in Chumpon

    22 year old killed after female driver speeds through red light in Chumpon

    PHOTO: Daily News Police were called to the scene of an accident on the Asia Highway in Lang Suan, Chumpon on Saturday night.

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    Activists challenge the Thai PM with three demands

    Pro-election activists threatened to march to Government House on the fourth anniversary of the 2014 coup if the ruling junta fails to respond to their call for an election in November. The NCPO seized power on May 22, 2014 in a bloodless coup on the premise that it needed to stop Thai’s protesting violently in the streets of Bangkok

  • Malaysian PM in a fight for his political life

    Malaysian PM in a fight for his political life

    Just south of Thailand there is a looming political showdown that is likely to reshape Malaysian politics, no matter what happens at Wednesday’s polls. It’s the country’s 14 election since independence

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    Top Ten things to know about Phuket for beginners

    Welcome to Phuket Phuket is an island and a province. It’s the largest island Thailand – 48 km north to south, 21 km east to west. It’s about 20% smaller, in area, than Singapore but much less densely populated

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    Phuket Airport’s arrival growth soars

    By  Bill Barnett of Looking at the numbers, the new upgrade and expansion of Phuket International Airport has been a roaring success (although the renovations are ongoing and, especially the domestic terminal, are an unfinished mess right now).

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    Had any problems registering your drone in Thailand?

    Over the past few years the sight, and sound, of Chinese-made drones flying overhead has become commonplace, if not sometime annoying. Several times I’ve been struggling to hear the wedding vows, or even the celebrant, at marriage ceremonies with the high-pitched buzz of the wedding videographer’s drone whizzing overhead. They do provide astonishing shots for a cheap price.