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  • 25 yo British woman claims she was raped on Koh Phangan but later recants

    25 yo British woman claims she was raped on Koh Phangan but later recants

    A 25 year old British woman has accepted that she was not raped on Koh Phangan as she had previously claimed. Hospital tests and CCTV indicated there was no evidence a crime had occurred. Sanook is reporting that the woman admits that her fears were completely unfounded.

  • Darasamut Underpass to close temporarily for repairs

    Darasamut Underpass to close temporarily for repairs

    The Phuket Highway Office has issued an announcement that says the Darasamut Underpass (adjacent to Central Festival) will be closed from 9am to 3pm on Thursday (September 27). The announcement says, “Both the northbound and southbound lanes through the underpass will be temporary closed.” “Workers will be carrying out maintenance, repairing water pumps and fans from 9am to 3pm on September 27.” “We apologise for any inconvenience during the maintenance works.” The post Darasamut Underpass to close temporarily for repairs appeared first on The Thaiger .

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    Top 10 tips for riding a motorbike in Thailand

    Motorbikes and scooters are the most popular mode of transport in Thailand, and most of south east asia. The 110cc step-thru is ubiquitous. Most just go and go and go – they’re astonishly reliable.

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    A man who really likes his coffee – Amazon thief surrenders to police

    A former construction contractor has surrendered to police today to face charges of burglary after he allegedly broke into 30 Amazon coffee shops in petrol stations since April. 37 year old Kiartkarisorn Srikrailod from Buri Ram surrendered at Taling Chan police station at 10am this morning after police summoned him to face theft charges. Taling Chan is just west of Bangkok.

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    Anthony Lark – Changing the plastic rubbish culture in Phuket

    Garry Holden from ‘Waking The Thaiger’ on Phuket’s The Thaiger 102.75 FM , spoke to Anthony Lark, the President of the Phuket Hotels Association who are organising PHIST (read more details below). 400+ attendees are going to the event on Monday in Mai Khao to change Phuket’s prospects for an environmental and sustainable future.

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    Russian tourist stung by ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong Beach

    PHOTOS: Patong Lifeguards / Newshawk Phuket A female Russian tourist has sustained a painful sting on her leg from a ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong beach today (September 20). Patong lifeguards are warning of jellyfish known locally as the ‘fire jellyfish’ at Patong Beach. Fire Jellyfish or Morbakka fenneri can be discovered in tropical watersa

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    Making your point, head first into a fish spa

    Sometimes you have to go the extra distance to prove your point. Like putting your head in a fish spa

  • 70 monkeys back home at Khao To Sae after steralisation

    70 monkeys back home at Khao To Sae after steralisation

    PHOTOS: The Phuket PR Office 70 monkeys have been released back at Khao To Sae. Five days ago they were captured on the popular tourist hill overlooking Phuket Town and taken for sterilisation.

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    Bus driver charged with reckless driving in Patong bus incident

    PHOTOS: Kusoldharm Foundation A tour bus driver has been charged with reckless driving after steering his tour bus, carrying 23 Vietnamese tourists, through the roadside barriers on the side of the road yesterday (September 16). You’ll never guess what the excuse was… (roll the drums)… Brake failure. Kathu Police were notified of the incident just after the hairpin turn, heading down the infamous Patong Hill road towards Kathu, near the Patong shooting range at 9am.

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    Focus still on Nigerians from Tourist Police – Romance scams

    Tourist police are set to wrap up their focus on all 1,400 Nigerians living in Thailand. This has come from the deputy tourist police chief Pol Maj-General Surachete Hakparn.