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    Strong winds bring down trees and power poles, two cars damaged

    Two power cables have been brought down in Koh Sirey today (July 9) after heavy rains around the island. The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) is warning that from July 9-15, heavy rain will affect Ranong, Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Trang and Satun. “Small boats should stay ashore as strong winds and waves are expected, up to four metres high.” Persistent rain has continued since this morning

  • Day Two evacuations underway

    Day Two evacuations underway

    Evacuations are now well underway in day two of the process to extract the 13 players from inside the cave. Four were extracted from the cave last evening, according to an official announcement by former Governor of Chiang Rai Narongsak Osottanakorn.

  • One boy emerged in a serious condition, now recovering

    One boy emerged in a serious condition, now recovering

    The condition of one of the Mu Pa footballers who were rescued from the Tham Luang Cave in Chiang Rai last evening, and initially was initially causing concerns with his health, is improving. He had been listed as red, signifying a ‘serious case’ after being trapped in Tham Luang cave since June 23

  • Drilling down into the cave – 100 tunnels drilled so far

    Drilling down into the cave – 100 tunnels drilled so far

    As the frantic effort continues around the Tham Luang caves to find alternative ways to get to the cave chamber where the 13 footballers have been waiting since two weeks ago, ‘chimneys’ or tunnels from the top or side of the mountain, down into the cave, are being established. AFP ar reporting that there have been more than 100 of these chimneys drilled in the hope of finding an open space that could be accessible to the team.

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    Heavy rain forecast forcing rescuers to act, or wait

    Outgoing Chiang Rai governor, Narongsak, at a media briefing held at midnight last night, has admitted that oxygen supply within the section of the cave where the 13 footballers are waiting, has become a major concern. He also mentioned the threat from potential heavy rains in the next few days that is forcing the rescue teams to consider a premature extraction of the 13 survivors out of Tham Luang caves.

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    Phuket: 40 bodies recovered. 16 Chinese tourists remain missing.

    The Phuket Harbour Department has announced that 40 passengers of the ill-fated Phoenix dive boat are confirmed dead as a result of the sinking of the vessel yesterday afternoon.   Rescuers, led by the Royal Thai Navy, continue to comb the seas around Phuket for the remaining 16 missing Chinese, says the department in a statement.   49 people have been rescued

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    “Unrealistic and very risky.” Academic warns about cave rescue.

    By Pratch Rujianrom Associate Professor Ariya Aruninta from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok is warning that the focus on evacuating the trapped 13 by drying the cave was unrealistic and very risky. Draining water out of the Tham Luang cave is an impossible mission, she claims, even as the rescue operation makes headway and pumping water from the flooded cave has been considered the most important challenge to rescue the trapped footballers.

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    Chiang Rai: A crash course in swimming and diving

    PHOTO: Thai Navy SEALS “Rescue teams have been giving crash courses in swimming and diving as part of complex preparations to evacuate the footballers trapped in Tham Luang cave.” Chiang Rai’s Governor Narongsak Osotthanakorn says he still can’t be specific as to when and how the survivors would be taken out of the cave where they have been stranded since June 23.

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    Thai Tourism Ministry pays 66,000 baht to Norwegian shark attack victim

    PHOTO: ThaiVisa The Thai Tourism Ministry has paid out over 66,000 baht to the Norwegian shark attack victim who was attacked by a mysterious sea creature back on April 1. NewTV is reporting that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports paid the man bitten on the leg near Hua Hin in April 66,966 baht. 54 year old Werner Danielson received the money with his Thai wife before he flew back to Norway on Sunday. However, due to a problem with his insurance running out the payment still leaves him more than 200,000 short.

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    British paedophile bragged about abuse of Thai girls, is jailed

    “The offences are very serious. It is hard to argue against the serious psychological harm.” British paedophile Stuart Bull has been sentenced to jail for more than 16 years at the Bristol Crown Court in the UK after admitting to sexually abusing children. The offences took place in the UK.