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    Indian man assaulted and killed in Krabi

    An Indian man was killed by another Indian citizen after he was assaulted by his co-worker’s wife while she was taking a bath yesterday (Aug 2) in Krabi. The reenactment held this morning was led by Khao Panom Police Chief Col Kajit Kongprab. The attacker was 25 year old Indian, Prakart Natarang, who is a staff member of a biomass power plant in Khao Panom, Krabi

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    Yingluck flies to Dubai – “Dubai flight was pre-planned”

    “Yingluck reportedly flew from London on Wednesday, just a day after the media reported the Thai government’s extradition request to the UK government.” Former PM minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s flight from London to Dubai on Wednesday had nothing to do with the Thai government’s extradition request to the UK. This explanation from a Pheu Thai Party member yesterday. The flight was part of Yingluck’s travel plans for this year, said the source who requested anonymity

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    VIDEO: Four escape serious injury in dramatic Phuket three vehicle collision

    Four men have been injured after three vehicles were involved in a collision on Thepkrasattri Road in Rassada his morning (Aug 2).

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    “If you resist arrest, you will be shot” – Chonburi police chief

    PHOTOS: THAI Rath When we find you, and if you resist arrest, you will be shot.” Thai Rath is reporting that the head of the Chonburi police force has some strong words for the alleged Phuket-based mastermind behind the slaying of the the Buddha Mountain couple over the weekend. Speaking after a re-enactment of the movement of the couple before the crime, Pol Maj Gen Nanthachart Suphamongkhon make clear his feelings when referring to Phuket millionaire “Sia Uan”… “Give yourself up.

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    First croc caught at sea – Yanui’s crocodile catchers

    One of the Surat Thani-based crocodile catcher team says that ‘Yanui’ is the first crocodile that he has caught in the sea – a lot more difficult than catching ‘Laypang’, last August’s crocodile captured in a lagoon off Layan Beach.

  • Nearly 100 Burmese arrested since start of June with fake visas

    Nearly 100 Burmese arrested since start of June with fake visas

    PHOTO: Thai Rath Thai Rath is reporting that a leading immigration spokesman has warned Burmese to double check their visas to ensure that they haven’t been duped with fake visa stamps. The warning comes as more people are being found with the fake stamps in Thailand on a daily basis. Pol Maj Gen Itthiphon Itthisanronchai, deputy immigration chief and acting as spokesman, told Thai Rath that 97 cases were identified since the start of June up to July 22. Most were people caught up in the fake visa sting were crossing the border into the Tak province in Thailand’s north west. Ninety percent of the fakes were tourist visas

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    Top Ten tips for riding a motorbike in Thailand

    Motorbikes and scooters are the most popular mode of transport in Thailand, and most of south east asia. The 110cc step-thru is ubiquitous. Most just go and go and go – they’re astonishly reliable

  • Boom Boom on the Thai/Malaysia border

    Boom Boom on the Thai/Malaysia border

    On one side of the Thai/Malaysian border is Sungai Golok, on the Malaysian side it’s the town of Rantau Panjang. The two towns are separated by the Golok River and decades of furious fighting between Muslim separatists who want to reclaim some of the southern areas in Thailand under the Malaysian flag. The Thai Buddhists on the other side are happy for it to remain part of the Kingdom of Thailand. Enough of the politics… The real story in Sungai Golok is the thriving little border town that attracts Malaysian men nightly to enjoy the ‘pleasures of the flesh’, loud music, karaoke, copious booze and ‘the ladies’.

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    ‘The Heroes’ unveiled in Chiang Rai

    A 13 x 3 metre mural has become the latest step in immortalising the Tham Luang cave rescue for generations to come. The mural will shortly be moved to be part of an exhibit which will be constructed at the front of the mouth of the caves. “The Heroes” is a canvas painting which portrays the story and the many, many people involved in the dramatic rescue of the 13 Mu Pa football team members from the Mae Sai caves earlier this month

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    Clawing back the tiger population

    (10 minute read) The plight of the Indochinese Tiger is a particular passion for The Thaiger. As a leading sponsor of we applaud all the work being done in Thailand and around South East Asia in support of the survival of the species. By Piyaporn Wongruang Ahead of the Global Tiger Day on Sunday, July 29, lead tiger researchers and advocates come together to address critical threats against tigers as much as means to help conserve them