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    Songs of hope

    Messages of support are pouring in from all corners of the country as the rescue mission for 12 boys and their football coach missing in a Chiang Rai cave reached its sixth day yesterday. Popular singers, YouTube stars and a national artist have lent their moral support to rescue efforts

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    Plans for Phuket pork factory changed to ‘refrigeration and storage facility’

    The plans to construct a pork processing factory in Mai Khao have been changed to a refrigeration and storage facility after a three hour discussion yesterday (June 28). Locals in Mai Khao are protesting against the company who was planning to construct a pork processing factory in the north section of Phuket island. Locals at Baan Dan Yid and Baan Dan Yut protested against the private company’s plans after a notice was placed on June 8 at the area to build the processing plant.

  • US teacher, accused of student rape in 1982, extradited from Thailand after 36 years on the run

    US teacher, accused of student rape in 1982, extradited from Thailand after 36 years on the run

    PHOTO: Greg Derr/The Patriot Ledger Former Milton Academy theater program director Reynold Buono appeared in Dedham Superior Court on Wednesday.

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    Officials visit ‘monkey island’. Signs placed for new monkey feeding zone on Khao Rang.

    Yesterday (June 26) officials headed out to Koh Payu where 80 monkeys have been recently released to check on their welfare. On June 21, 80 monkeys, which have already been sterilised, were released at Koh Payu, off the coast of Phuket.

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    Indonesia: Selamat Datang. Work here? Then learn the language.

    Living as an expat in south east asia has enough challenges, with paperwork, immigration demands, visas, visa runs, cultural differences. For businesspeople it can be increasingly demanding with requirements for ‘owning’ and running a business. Imagine, in Thailand, if having to learn the Thai language was an actual requirement.

  • Bangkok: Crackdown on Grand Palace scammers

    Bangkok: Crackdown on Grand Palace scammers

    Another crackdown. This time, on one the oldest tourist scams on the books. Bangkok Post reported that 87 people were rounded up in an operation around the Grand Palace in Bangkok following complaints of foreign visitors being pressured into purchasing unwanted services.

  • Pattaya: Russian on overstay, and his wife, arrested for stealing motorbike

    Pattaya: Russian on overstay, and his wife, arrested for stealing motorbike

    Pattaya Police have arrested a Russian man after stealing a motorbike from a Hungarian in the seaside party town earlier this month. 26 year old Vladimir Zhulabrev allegedly stole a motorbike belonging to retired Hungarian doctor 71 year old Gabor Tamas Pethoe while it was parked outside a condo in the Nong Prue area on June 10. Police arrested Zhulabrev along with his Thai wife, 25 year old Parichart Ninnon, after investigation of CCTV footage showed them stealing the motorcycle. Zhulabrev, who was also found to be staying in Thailand on an expired tourist visa, tested positive for illegal drugs.

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    Thais don’t have enough savings – Gen Y, Gen X

    Most working Thais only enough savings to last them about six months if they stopped working, or became unemployed.  According to a study from the Customer Insights Centre of the Thai Military Bank, the premise particularly affects the Gen Y and Gen x groups. Generation X – Born: 1966-1976, Generation Y (Echo Boomers or Millennium) – Born: 1977-1994 The study is based on an online survey of working Thais aged 18-54 from the database of 35 million working Thais. The PBS reports that only 20 percent of the working Thais have enough savings to last more than six months after they stop working, said the study, adding that the problem of not enough savings occurs when Thais start working (Gen Y) and carries on until Gen X. 70 percent who earn more than 30,000 baht a month, mostly private office workers and self-employed, do not have enough savings

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    Soi Dog – Going, going green!

    To celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5, 2018, the Soi Dog  Foundation implemented a series of actions to reduce its carbon footprint as well as improve its Corporate Social Responsibility and ‘best practice.’ While the core mission of the Foundation remains the same, Soi Dog now goes one step further by measuring the impact of its work within the Phuket Sanctuary from an eco-sustainability point of view. More than 15 initiatives have been successfully implemented including; not selling plastic water bottles, reducing the amount of printed paper by encouraging online visitor registrations, changing all light bulbs to low-voltage LED lights and selecting vendors who do not provide food in Styrofoam containers.

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    Saleng driver escapes side-car gas bottle fire

    A saleng (motorbike side car) has caught fire after a cooking gas leak today (June 22) in Kathu.