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  • Tenants and landlords. Things change from today.

    Tenants and landlords. Things change from today.

    If you rent property in Thailand there are new guidelines for tenants and landlords that come into effect from today. Mostly good news but there are a few exceptions that you will need to be aware of.

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    High performance coaching secrets for life and business

    by Hayden Rhodes I recently spent time in New Zealand and this special country reminded me of fundamentals required for optimal mental and physical performance – fundamentals that are mandatory to be put in place so that you can live and work at your best, day in and day out.

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    Phuket’s Nepalese community commemorate the Buddha’s birthday

    Buddha’s Birthday celebrations vary from place to place according to the different schools of the faith that have developed over the years, but regardless, the birthday of Lord Buddha remains one of the largest Buddhist festivals wherever and whenever it’s celebrated. In Nepal, Myanmar and India the Buddha’s birthday is being celebrated today.

  • Half a ton of marijuana seized in Mekong sting

    Half a ton of marijuana seized in Mekong sting

    A total of 490 kilograms of dried marijuana worth 15 million baht in street value has been seized by Thai authorities in Bung Kan province in the far north-east of Thailand on the Mekong River, Saturday, but the suspected Laotian smugglers managed to flee. Bung Kan Customs checkpoint head Prasongsak Boonma said the four Laotian smugglers, who were bringing sacks of marijuana onto the Mekong riverbank on the Thai side early Saturday morning, quickly dropped the illicit drugs on seeing officers approaching and ran towards their boat, whose engine was still running, and headed back over to Laos. Acting on a tip-off that a huge drug haul was to be smuggled across the Mekong River from Laos to Thailand via Ban Nong Dern Tha in Tambon Nong Dern, officers from the Royal Thai Navy’s Mekong River Patrol Unit, Bung Kan police, and Bung Kan border patrol police division 244 jointly conduct a stakeout in an attempt to make arrests and impound the drugs

  • ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Phuket

    ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Phuket

    At 5.45am, Australians and New Zealanders, Phuket community representatives, crew members from the HMAS Anzac, local schools, friends and family members gathered at the Phuket Yacht Club in Chalong to commemorate the 102nd ANZAC day.

  • TOONS TUNES – Maren Morris “Rich”

    TOONS TUNES – Maren Morris “Rich”

    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Toons Tunes for today features American singer and songwriter Maren Morris and the latest release from her debut studio album “Hero” called “Rich”. It’s a change up in genre for Toons Tunes today, as I wouldn’t describe myself as a country music fan, but this track verges on commercial pop, and she is easy on the eye, there fore a worthy song for today

  • TOONS TUNES – Janelle Monae “Pynk”

    TOONS TUNES – Janelle Monae “Pynk”

    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Toons Tune’s for today features American singer Janelle Monae and the latest release from her third studio album “Dirty Computer” called “Pynk”. Janelle Monae has caused quite a stir with her new music video – not with the song itself, but rather the clip’s content, which includes the singer dancing around in a pair of flamboyant vagina pants and flaunting fake pubic hair. Indeed, the 32-year-old seems to have taken a great deal of inspiration from the female form when it came to creating the video for PYNK, placing vaginal imagery and innuendo front and center.

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    Thais likely to pay more for health under new reforms

    A part of of the country’s upcoming national healthcare reform, Thais will definitely have to pay more for any extra medical services or medicines they want. Dr Seree Tuchinda, who heads the national healthcare reform committee, says, “for example, if you want medicines that are not on the national drug list, you will be charged.” Seree said the reform will present three healthcare packages

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    121 arrested over BKK bike mods

    Police have arrested 121 motorcyclists picked up on the streets of the capital last night (Friday). They’ve been charged with illegally modifying their motorcycles for road racing. Deputy Tourist Police commissioner Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal said the suspects were arrested at checkpoints on major roads under the jurisdiction of 11 police stations of Metropolitan Police Division 8

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    Krabi wedding parade carries 2 million baht dowry

    A parade of 6 trucks and trailers to celebrate the wedding of a local couple in Lamtab District, Krabi, drew a lot of attention from people in the area.