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    CEO of Emerald Property Group back in jail

    The CEO of Emerald Development Group, Khun ‘Mai’ Sawit Ketroj, was in jail last night pending another bail hearing after ‘absconding from Court’ (not reporting to Court under the conditions of his previous bail). According to sources in Patong police, it’s believed he will be released from jail again this evening.

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    Thanking those who dug the well

    How do you repay interest on your debt?

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    Three escape burning vehicle in Wichit

    Officials from the Phuket Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM Phuket) were notified of an incident near Laem Chan Intersection on Chao Fa East Road in Wichit this morning at 7.20am.

  • Warnings over cheap cosmetic surgery – Lee’s story

    Warnings over cheap cosmetic surgery – Lee’s story

    PHOTO: Nine News, Australia Most cosmetic surgeries in Thailand will definitely save you money when compared to the costs in western hospitals. And the vast majority of procedures will go perfectly according to plan with patients broadly happy with their results

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    Rescue workers help mother give birth in Krabi

    Rescue workers were notified that a woman was about to give birth at a house in Klongthom, Krabi last night (May 14). She was was later identified as 39 year old Chamaiporn Intasar was found in end-stage labour pain and poised to give birth. Rescue workers from the Krabi Pitak Pracha Rescue Foundation assisted Ms Chamaiporn to give birth to her baby.

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    Top Ten Coffees in Phuket

    Phuket has developed quite a coffee culture with new cafés opening every week all over the island. The Thais love their iced coffee drowned in sweetened condensed milk whilst the western favourites are gaining in popularity. You’re now hard-pressed not to find good coffee around Phuket.

  • TOONS TUNES – Halsey “Alone”

    TOONS TUNES – Halsey “Alone”

    Checking new and amazing music for The Thaiger everyday with Donna Toon Toons Tunes for today features American singer and songwriter Halsey and the latest release as the third single from her upcoming second studio album “Hopeless Fountain” the track is called “Alone”.

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    Let’s take that leap of faith

    Sooner or later we need take one ‘ginormous’ deep breath and take that Leap of Faith. Saturday afternoon is a good as time as any. We hadn’t even started our lunch when Ghan served me up a little challenge – “Dude I’m going to send you a random picture and you have to write about the picture

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    The Blue Horizon World Corporate Golf Challenge, Thailand

    The WCGC Thailand roared back into action in 2018 with a new Title Sponsor ‘Blue Horizon’ at the helm of the event, and a new scoring system.

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    Activists challenge the Thai PM with three demands

    Pro-election activists threatened to march to Government House on the fourth anniversary of the 2014 coup if the ruling junta fails to respond to their call for an election in November. The NCPO seized power on May 22, 2014 in a bloodless coup on the premise that it needed to stop Thai’s protesting violently in the streets of Bangkok