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    Tourist numbers tumble as Chinese media expose entrenched safety problems

    The fallout from July’s tragic boat accident are just now starting to bite as tourists, who would have been about to make a booking around the time the accident happened, decided to book an alternate holiday destination instead. Despite the bravado and PR exercises, many Thai business people are secretly worried about the big drop-off in numbers.

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    DSI crackdown on foreigners using Thai nominees: Law firm raided in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui

    Four offices of the same investment advisory firm have been raided in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui. Coordinated raids on the offices of what appears to be a single advisory firm were conducted by the DSI (Department of Special Investigations), police and Board of Investment representatives. Pictures showed that the company is DFDL Thailand Legal and Tax

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    Toon’s back on the road again

    “The director admits there were many times when he was sure Toon couldn’t possibly finish his mission.” A documentary comes out next month and follows the epic run led by Athiwara ‘Toon’ Khongmalai when he ran Thailand – south to north – to raise funds for Thailand’s public hospitals. The trials, tribulations and triumphs captured on 16,300 minutes of footage filmed throughout the 55 day journey of rock star Toon as he ran from Betong, Yala in Thailand’s deep south to northernmost district of Mae Sai, Chiang Rai, are being told in the new documentary “2215 Chuea Baa Kla Kao” coming out on September 6. The “2215” in the title, which translates as “2215, Belief, Crazy, Brave and Take a Step”, refers to the 2,215-kilometre journey that Toon undertook at the end of last year – slightly more than his planned run of 2,191km

  • Jeans and T-shirts banned for Government House journalists and photographers

    Jeans and T-shirts banned for Government House journalists and photographers

    PHOTO: A group of Thai journalists and photographers learning how to put on a tie Tatty old jeans and a T-shirt – OK for a night out in Sukhumvit but not good enough when attending pressers with the Thai PM. If you want to attend media conferences or take photos of junta leader Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, then you need to dress to impress, or don’t bother coming

  • Thaksin slams Thai ‘democracy’ on the celebration of his birthday

    Thaksin slams Thai ‘democracy’ on the celebration of his birthday

    Former Thai PM Thaksin Shinawatra is vowing to keep on his “battle for Thailand’s democracy”, despite living in self-exile overseas for around a decade. This announcement from red-shirt media yesterday (August 9). The Peace News Facebook page reports that the ex-premier, overthrown by a military coup in 2006, made a speech during his belated birthday party with his sister, another ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra.

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    Ban for jet-skis and parasail rides continues until August 14

    If you were planning to head down to the west coast today for a quick jet-ski dash and parasail ride, forget about it, they won’t be operating. The Acting chief of the Phuket Marine Office yesterday announced a ban for jet-skis and parasail ride operators using Phuket’s west coast beaches until August 14. The Phuket Marine Office Acting Chief, Wiwat Chitcherdwong says, “according to the Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) Office, heavy rain and high waves, up to three metres, are still affecting the Andaman Sea until Thursday August 14.” “Jet-skis, parasails and ‘marine activities’ are now banned until the order is changed.” he added

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    ‘Yanui’ believed to be a mixed-breed crocodile

    Expert believes that Yanui, the much-travelled crocodile, is a mix crocodile. However more DNA tests are being conducted

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    Special welcomes for Chinese tourists at Krabi Airport

    The Krabi Immigration Office at Krabi Airport has provided special warm welcomes for Krabi Chinese tourists including more exclusive Visa checkpoint lanes. Krabi Immigration Office Chief Col Suparueak Pankomon led the warm welcome for 138 Chinese tourists who were arriving with a charter flight on Uron Airlines from China

  • Nigerian drug suspect arrested after police chase

    Nigerian drug suspect arrested after police chase

    PHOTO: Matichon Thai-language daily Matichon has reported that a Nigerian drug suspect did a runner after being tracked down by Samui police today.

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    Entertainment venues in Patong, connected to the Sattahip murder, found illegal

    Police last night (July 31) raided an entertainment business on Bangla Road which allegedly belongs to one of the Chonburi double murder suspects. The business was found to be illegal. Chonburi police, investigating the brazen double execution-style murder in the car park at Buddha Mountain in Sattahip, say initial investigations were able to uncover a number of possible motives and implicate an initial set of suspects.