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    Up in smoke. 61 million meth pills and 486kg of crystal meth.

    61 million meth pills and 486kg of crystal meth, 108kg of heroin, 122kg of opium, 10kg of ecstasy pills, 5kg of cocaine and 7.3 tonnes of marijuana and kratom leaves. Raids, stings and seizures around the country have netted an astonishing amount of drugs in recent months – almost one meth pill for every single Thai! So what happens to all these seized illicit drugs? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will incinerate quantities of drugs, including 61 million meth pills and 486kg of crystal meth, to mark the world’s anti-narcotics day on June 26

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    Brand Andaman ready to start promoting the region

    A meeting held at the Phuket City Hall, and hosted by Phuket’s Governor Norraphat, announced that southern provinces are planning to boost tourism with the ‘Andaman’ branding.

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    New Phuket estate projects get the green light

    Phuket housing estates continue to grow as investors are putting their money into the construction of townhouses and single storey housing around the island. The Board of Land Allocation has approved four projects which cost many hundred thousand Baht

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    Burmese woman arrested with drugs in sting operation

    Police have arrested a Burmese woman with methamphetamine pills and crystal methamphetamine. A team of the Phuket City Police arrested 46 year old Thet Mar Win, a Burmese national at a house in Rassada, east of Phuket Town.  She was found with 1.08grams of crystal methamphetamine and 14 of methamphetamine pills

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    Six Outrigger Hotels sold to Singha Estate

    Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort Singha Estate, trading on Thailand’s stock exchange yesterday (Wednesday), has announced the successful acquisition of six properties from Outrigger Hotel and Resorts, a Hawaii-based hotel chain. The acquisition is called at USD 310 million and part of Singha Estate’s strategic investment to expand its presence in high-yield tourist destinations around the world.

  • The Thaiger Briefing I June 14, 2018

    The Thaiger Briefing I June 14, 2018

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  • Thaiger Briefing I June 13, 2018

    Thaiger Briefing I June 13, 2018

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    Chinese tour bus crash on Kata hill

    A Chinese tour bus has collided with a pickup truck then ended up dangling precariously down the hill. 33 Chinese tourists have luckily escaped from serious injury.

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    Monkey’s birth control starts in Phuket

    The start of the monkey sterilisation process has begun in Phuket today (June 12) after all the public meetings agreed that the island’s monkeys, in the public ‘hot’ zones, needed to be sterilised in a systematic program. Read more HERE . Five islands that have been surveyed as the monkey’s new home, are not in reserved forest areas.

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    Thaiger World Cup wall chart – print it out, pin it up, fill it in

    The Thaiger will have extensive coverage of this year’s World Cup – hourly updates on The Thaiger 102.75 FM, Facebook updates and, of course, website score updates. Here is your wall chart, in English and Thai including the Thai time for each of the games.