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    Phang Nga’s white dog is waiting for its owner

    Kind-hearted folks in Muang Phang Nga have been cautiously feeding a rain-soaked lost dog for a week, believing it may have fallen off its owner’s pickup truck and was waiting for him to return. The white dog appeared to be weakening on its adopted turf in the centre island of a road near the Wang Mor Kaeng intersection

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    Paper plane champ hopes for Thai ID soon

    by Kriengkrai Rattana Almost a decade after earning fame for winning a national paper-aeroplane championship at the age of 12, Mong Thongdee is poised to become a Thai citizen. Born in Thailand of Burmese ancestry, the young Chiang Mai man has been stateless all his life, but says he’s looking forward to continuing his studies on to the highest level and doing good deeds for his adoptive homeland. Mong said this week he’d received a letter from the Department of Provincial Administration confirming that his request for citizenship had been approved.

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    Phuket tourists charged for public annoyance

    PHOTOS: Tourist Police/Newshawk The Phuket Tourist Police yesterday (Thursday) arrested two tourists at a Phuket market after begging for donations so they could continue their travelling. The Phuket Tourist police and the Phuket City Police found the two tourists at the Boat Plaza Market in Samkong yesterday (August 23) – a 21 year old Ukrainian man and a 30 year old Russian man. The two tourists were sitting on the ground with a message scribbled on cardboard stating that they have been traveling in Asia for 15 months

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    Tourists back on Mudong Canal after frantic clean-up

    Water quality of the Mudong Canal in Wichit is starting to be return to normal while tourists are back on nature boat sailing tours along the canal. Local residents near Mudong Canal in Wichit, Phuket  have been calling for officials to clean up the filthy canal after wastewater was found flowing along the canal and out to the sea. Dead animals were also found floating in the canal.

  • Blue Tree, a world-calss HUGE waterpark in Phuket.

    Blue Tree, a world-calss HUGE waterpark in Phuket.

    The post Blue Tree, a world-calss HUGE waterpark in Phuket.

  • Chaiyaphum police suspended over local  sex-bribery scandal

    Chaiyaphum police suspended over local sex-bribery scandal

    Three police commanders in Chaiyaphum’s Muang district have reportedly been transferred to inactive posts, pending a probe over bribery allegations involving underage prostitution. A source at the Royal Thai Police said the Muang Chaiyaphum precinct superintendent Col Pongpat Chaengmeunwai, inspector Maj Pornchai Saengsila and Pornchai’s deputy inspector Capt Uthai Hongwiset had been summoned to the provincial headquarters. Evidence of bribery was uncovered after the Department of Special Investigation and the Provincial Administration Department, acting upon an NGO’s complaint to the Dhamrongtham Centre, conducted a sting operation on Tuesday night to arrest the owner of a Muang district’s karaoke bar, Kanchana Thongluan

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    2,000 fake goods seized, 8 arrested in Chinatown raid

    Police have searched Bangkok’s Sampheng (Chinatown) area and arrested six Thais and two foreigners for selling goods in violation of international IP laws.

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    Warning for boats going to sea until tomorrow

    The Phuket Marine Office has made an official announcement for boats to be “careful when going to sea until tomorrow (August 23), due to poor weather”. The announcement was issued yesterday (August 21) stating that “The Meteorological Department of Thailand (TMD) has forecast that from August 21-23 the monsoon will cause waves up to three metres in the open sea.” “For navigation safety, boat captains have to be careful when going to sea. Small boats should not leave from piers.” “When going to sea boat captains must ensure that boats and safety equipment are ready at all times

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    Mass prayer ceremony held for victims of the Phoenix boat disaster

    A mass prayer ceremony was held this morning (August 22) at Saphan Hin for victims of the Phoenix boat disaster, marking 49 days since the tragedy. The government held the ceremony to acknowledge the Chinese victims of the Phoenix boat tragedy on July 5.

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    Old Phuket Town goes underground

    FILE PHOTO The Phuket City Mayor is warning of inconvenience to traffic in Old Phuket Town while work is underway installing underground cabling. The Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansuppana says, “We are working on the underground cable system in Old Phuket Town areas – Phang Nga Road and Rassada Road. The work is 62 percent complete.