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    Couple arrested with drugs and a grenade

    Thalang Police have raided a house where they have arrested two suspects with drugs and a hand grenade. Thalang Police Chief Col Teerawat Liamsuwan says, “on Wednesday night we raided a rented house in Thalang.

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    Pattaya police track down property scammer

    PHOTOS: Sophon Cable Cautionary Tale #2,980 An Italian pensioner met two Thai ladies along The Avenue on Beach Two Road in Pattaya. The events happened back in February this year

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    Suspects arrested with methamphetamine pills and kratom in Phuket

    Sakhu Police have arrested three suspects and seized 8,498 methamphetamine pills and liquid kratom. Police have arrested 36 year old Nikorn ‘Mui’ Jantawong from Phuket.

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    Two suspects arrested over Chalong robbery

    Police have arrested two suspects who robbed a shop in Chalong and sped away with cash and a gold necklace last week on October 23. Chalong Police were originally notified about thentwo suspects robbing the shop in Soi Songkhun in Chalong. Read about the original reports  HERE .

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    62 year old man arrested in Phuket after killing his wife’s paramour

    A 62 year old Thai man has been arrested in Phuket after shooting and killing a soldier who was his wife’s paramour. The incident happened in Sa Kaeo Province on the Cambodian border. On Friday, Wattana Nakhon Police in Sa Kaeo were notified of the incident at a restaurant in Wattana Nakhon District in Sa Kaeo.

  • Backdown over “Prathet Ku Mee” anti-military rap

    Backdown over “Prathet Ku Mee” anti-military rap

    The government and authorities have veered away from a potential showdown with student activists and erred on the side of good politics with a back down on threats to press charges against the team behind the “Rap Against Dictatorship.” Read our weekend editorial about the matter HERE .

  • Suspect arrested in Phuket over 11 year old murder case

    Suspect arrested in Phuket over 11 year old murder case

    Phuket police yesterday arrested a suspect in Phuket who was allegedly involved in a police killing in Phattalung 11 years ago.

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    Phuket Immigration wind up ‘Operation X-ray Outlaw Foreigner’ crackdown

    Phuket Immigration officers say they’re committed to the national crackdown called Operation X-ray Out Law Foreigner, especially on overstayers. As a show of force yesterday, more than 252 officers from the Phuket Immigration Office, the Royal Thai Army, the Royal Thai Navy, the Phuket Provincial Police, Highway Police, Tourist Police and Marine Police assembled at the Phuket City Police Station. The Chief of the Phuket Immigration Office, Col Kathathorn Kumthieng says, “During this month we have checked about 397 accommodations, including hotels, for ‘alien’ (foreigner) reporting.

  • Body found floating at Phuket Beach

    Body found floating at Phuket Beach

    PHOTO: Kusoldarm Foundation An unidentified body has been found floating at Nai Thon Beach, on the northern coastline of Phuket.

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    French trio admit to trying to scam their insurance company

    PHOTOS: New TV Police on Koh Samui report that three French tourists claimed that they were robbed at knife point by five Thai men on three motorcycles after they become lost. New TV reports that they claimed that everything was stolen from them and the thieves disappeared without a trace. But they’ve since been shown to have been lying for the purposes of an insurance scam and now face three years in jail for their deception.