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  • Jealous wife attacks husband with Ito kitchen knife in Chumpon

    Jealous wife attacks husband with Ito kitchen knife in Chumpon

    Police and rescue medics rushed to the scene of an attack on a Chumpon man. Sanook reports that Police found 38 year old Anon with serious wounds to his head and arm on a concrete road outside a house. He was taken to Sawee Hospital.

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    Cambodian couple demand Thai police probe

    A Cambodian couple, engaged in a legal battle with relatives, yesterday filed a complaint against two Thai police officers in Bangkok. Baby-clothing exporter 43 year old Sing Thea and his wife Chean Kallyan say their previous accusation – that their relatives had embezzled 18 million baht – had been handled by the Thai officers in question. This had resulted in a counter-suit against the couple, who were then charged with filing a false police complaint and each had to pay a 140,000 baht bail bond.

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    Pattaya foreigners claim damage caused by next door condo construction

    A group of European residents bought houses in Pattaya only for a an unexpected large condominium complex to be built next door. They say they’ve suffered damage to their houses in the construction phase and now claim they can’t even rent out their properties due to the noise. Complaints to the local authority and the police have fallen on deaf ears while the condo developers have just given superficial help. They say calls to police and City Hall proved useless. Now they’re turning to the media for some justice.

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    Thai owner of ‘Phoenix’ now in custody

    The Thai ‘owner’ of ‘Phoenix’ remains in custody after she surrendered following the issuing of an arrest warrant. Arrest warrants for the ‘Phoenix’ owner, 26 year old Woraluck Rueakchaiyakan from Phuket and boat chief engineer, 56 year old Onjan Kanhayotee from Phetchabun, were issued last Friday (July 13). They face charges of a “reckless act causing death, serious injuries, mental and bodily harm”.

  • Bangkok: Appeals Court upholds death sentence on Spaniard

    Bangkok: Appeals Court upholds death sentence on Spaniard

    The Appeals Court has upheld the death sentence handed down on a Spanish man for murdering a fellow Spaniard and dumping his dismembered body in the Chao Phraya River back in 2016. From El Pais, April 21, 2017 – A Spanish national was on Friday given the death sentence after being found guilty by a Thai court of murdering fellow countryman David Bernat in Bangkok. The victim had traveled to the Asian country in January 2016 for a vacation.

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    Bangkok: Police retrieve 300,000 baht left in taxi

    Thai Rath have our ‘honest taxi driver’ story of the week.

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    Malaysian polygamist, who married 11 year old Thai girl, must face trial

    A former UN committee member on the Rights of the Child, Sanphasit Koompraphant, is urging the police of both Malaysia and Thailand to take legal action against the 41 year old Malaysian man immediately who has ‘married’ an 11 year old Thai girl in Narathiwat province.

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    Furniture warehouse fire damage bill estimated at 20 million baht

    Fire fighters took more than 4 hours fighting the fierce blaze with over 20 fire trucks and assistance from local Navy personnel to control the furniture warehouse fire.

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    Chiang Rai: Border patrol policemen searching cave shafts today

    Officials resumed the search operations for the 13 missing footballers in Chiang Rai’s Tham Luang Cave at 7am. Forestry officials, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials, border patrol policemen and officials from other agencies started preparing equipment and foods to survey shafts leading to the cave. Some prepared equipment to climb down a 40 metre deep shaft after they climbed down yesterday to find a chamber with more passages.

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    Police hunt for Krabi TV thief

    Krabi police are on the hunt for a thief who stole a 39 inch TV from a buffet restaurant in Krabi on Tuesday (June 26). The Police were notified of the thief who stole the television from the restaurant on Pisanpop Road in Krabi City.