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    Bangkok: Police retrieve 300,000 baht left in taxi

    Thai Rath have our ‘honest taxi driver’ story of the week.

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    Malaysian polygamist, who married 11 year old Thai girl, must face trial

    A former UN committee member on the Rights of the Child, Sanphasit Koompraphant, is urging the police of both Malaysia and Thailand to take legal action against the 41 year old Malaysian man immediately who has ‘married’ an 11 year old Thai girl in Narathiwat province.

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    Furniture warehouse fire damage bill estimated at 20 million baht

    Fire fighters took more than 4 hours fighting the fierce blaze with over 20 fire trucks and assistance from local Navy personnel to control the furniture warehouse fire.

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    Chiang Rai: Border patrol policemen searching cave shafts today

    Officials resumed the search operations for the 13 missing footballers in Chiang Rai’s Tham Luang Cave at 7am. Forestry officials, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials, border patrol policemen and officials from other agencies started preparing equipment and foods to survey shafts leading to the cave. Some prepared equipment to climb down a 40 metre deep shaft after they climbed down yesterday to find a chamber with more passages.

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    Police hunt for Krabi TV thief

    Krabi police are on the hunt for a thief who stole a 39 inch TV from a buffet restaurant in Krabi on Tuesday (June 26). The Police were notified of the thief who stole the television from the restaurant on Pisanpop Road in Krabi City.

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    Malaysia: Luxury items seized from ex-Malaysian PM Najib’s residences valued at over 10 billion baht is reporting that Items seized from six premises linked to Malaysia’s ousted PM Najib Razak as part of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) probe are valued between RM900 million and RM1.1 billion (nearly 10 billion THB) – making it the biggest seizure the police has ever made in the country’s history. Police’s Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) chief Amar Singh Ishar Singh said the cash seized from 35 bags amounted to RM116.7 million in 26 currencies. “It took us three days to calculate

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    Saudi Arabian dies after trip to Koh Naka

    A Saudi Arabian citizen has died following a trip to Koh Naka yesterday (June 25). Thalang Police were notified by staff at the Thalang Hospital last night. A body of a man, identified as 56 year old Alanazi Ali Awad M from Saudi Arabia, was at Thalang Hospital when police arrived.

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    Deputy PM Prawit calls the Time Magazine article ‘factually innacurate’

    It hasn’t even landed on the magazine stands yet and already the Time magazine article is causing controversy. Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan is denying that the government or the NCPO has banned the distribution and sale of Time magazine’s Asia edition for July  2 issue.

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    Man drowns in Phuket jet-ski accident

    A man has died after falling off from a jet-ski at a lagoon in Thalang yesterday (June 21) Thalang Police were notified about the incident at a lagoon on Srisoonthorn Road near the Valley Housing estate in Thalang at 4.30pm. Phuket Marine Police, diving rescue workers and the Thalang Police were involved in the search for the body. The search was taking many hours, hampered by the approaching sunset and the muddy waters

  • Huge meth bust in Chiang Mai

    Huge meth bust in Chiang Mai

    The big seizures of methamphetamine pills and ‘ice’ continue around the Kingdom. In the last two months nearly 50 million pills have been collected in various stings and raids. Around 9 million methamphetamine pills and 300kg of crystal meth or “ice” was seized in Chiang Mai province shortly after the arrest of a fugitive last Monday, the police claimed.