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    Hua Hin’s Centara Grand Beach Resort make it into list of best heritage hotels

    Creaky wooden floors, teak antiques, afternoon tea, marble staircases.

  • Buying property in Thailand – the basics

    Buying property in Thailand – the basics

    by Kevin Hodges There are many, MANY properties for sale in Phuket and around Thailand.

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    Stunning new Lux Neo project at Chaweng, Koh Samui

    Lux Neo is now available, combining stunning sea views and outstanding modern design. Lux Neo is the newest award winning project by the “Neo” team with critiqued unique villa design and award winning styling. Click HERE to read more about the Neo design team and some of their otters award-winning projects

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    What a difference an airport could make

    Phuket’s Northern neighbour Phang Nga, and its key tourism magnet of Khao Lak, is seeing increasingly broader demand. One clear sign of the times is the new international offerings in the current pipeline including such brands as Sheraton, Holiday Inn and Avani. And a new airport to service the area as well.

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    A tale of two cities, Phuket style

    By Bill Barnett of The raindrops keep falling on my head. Rainy season always brings with it time to dust off the classics, and strangely enough, straight off my top shelf came Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities . Life is played out so well in these tattered pages, which are turned a mottled brown on the edges

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    Trang: Southern Thailand’s rising star

    As real estate in the markets of Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi increasingly becomes unattractive to investors and speculators due to rapid appreciation and the lack of new land coming up for sale, markets in other southern Thai provinces are beginning to bud. Trang is one such market that speculators would be wise not to ignore. The President of the Agency for Real Estate Affairs Company Limited (AREA), Dr Sopon Pornchokchai PhD, has championed the province and makes some valuable observations.

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    6 ways to avoid being defrauded in a property investment

    By Desmond Hughes As today’s local Phuket property news is soured by the story of a development ‘scheme’ resulting in losses for investors and third parties, the perception of real estate may be besmirched with negativity, all the while honest families who have elected to take their own risk on the market by developing their land banks, working with architects, designers and contractors to try and provide good solid homes or investment properties, suffer the commercial shockwaves as the inevitable output of publicised property development failure. I personally know very bright, educated successful businesspeople who have suffered fraud in property markets and I have as much respect for them as I do for people who have never lost on investments.

  • Bangsaray. Idyllic beaches, tropical retreat. But where is it?

    Bangsaray. Idyllic beaches, tropical retreat. But where is it?

    Ever heard of Bangsaray? It’s about 20 kilometres south of SinCity, Pattaya, and, so far has seemed to retain much of its charm. Remember Pattaya wasn’t much more than a haphazard fishing village 40 years ago (it might be argued that it’s not a fishing village any more but still haphazard).

  • Phuket’s low season growth produces record tourism numbers in 2017

    Phuket’s low season growth produces record tourism numbers in 2017

    By Bill Barnett of For 2017 the island’s gateway airport posted 11.3% year-on-year growth to reach an estimated 8.4 million incoming passengers.  This was mainly driven by a 20% surge in Mainland Chinese travelers to the island and a rising number visitors during low season of 11.2% compared to the same period in 2016. Passenger arrivals remain the key catalyst for growth, according to consulting group C9 Hotelworks’ newly released Phuket Hotel Market Update

  • Ao Sane and Nakkerd Mountain under DSI investigation for encroachment

    Ao Sane and Nakkerd Mountain under DSI investigation for encroachment

    The DSI deputy director-general, Pol Lt Col Prawut Wongsinil, along with his DSI team, Forestry officers and local authorities, visited two alleged encroached land plots including at Ao Sane Beach (Baan Laem Krating) near Nai Harn beach and Nakkerd Mountain in Karon. The first spot visited was Nakkerd Mountain following complaints about an illegal land deed covering 20 rai of land. After a brief investigation, the team found that the measurement of the land was 40 rai and the report in the Land Office says that 20 rai of preserved forest land in the land deed has been cut out