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  • Rohingya refugee repatriation – FAIL

    Rohingya refugee repatriation – FAIL

    PHOTO: The Straits Times “The refugees are not willing to return now.” This, from the Refugee Commissioner at the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh as the first wave of Rohingya refugees refused to repatriate in a program that was meant to start on Thursday. People, due to head back to their original homes in Rhakine State this week, disappeared in the sprawling refugee camps to avoid being sent back. Other joined a large demonstrations against the repatriation.

  • “A genocide is still underway” – UN report

    “A genocide is still underway” – UN report

    PHOTO: Dhaka Tribune “A genocide is still underway against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims.” A UN fact-find mission on the Rohingya ‘situation’ in Myanmar, says it has presented a report at the Security Council calling for the matter to be referred to the International Criminal Court.

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    “Myanmar must be held accountable” – Fortify Rights Report

    The Fortify Rights report is out. It names names and specifies responsibilities for the ongoing persecution of Myanmar’s Rohingya.

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    Myanmar: Sacked – Top general accused of involvement in Rohingya crackdown

    PHOTO: Major General Maung Maung Soe amd defacto Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi Myanmar is accused of a crackdown in Rakhine state that has, so far, forced 700,000 Rohingya to flee. The UN and major western powers describe the crackdown as “ethnic cleansing”. In response, Myanmar’s military now says it’s sacked a top general who was named in fresh EU sanctions against security officials accused of serious rights violations in the Rohingya crisis, including killings and sexual violence

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    56 Rohingya found near Lanta Island have left for Malaysia

    The 56 Rohingya boat people, including 19 men, 18 women, 8 boys and 11 girls, were brought by Royal Thai Navy Officers Area 3 and police to Sirilanta Bridge, the bridge linking Koh Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai, for investigation after they were found at Koh Ha early on Sunday morning. After checking that they weren’t involved in any human trafficking activity the officers escorted them back to their boat to continue their voyage to Malaysia

  • Reuters detail work of journalists detained in Myanmar

    Reuters detail work of journalists detained in Myanmar

    Reuters have released a report on ethnic killings in Myanmar, detailing research done by two of its reporters currently jailed in Myanmar.

  • Rohingya’s refugees suspicious of Myanmar’s assurances to allow them back

    Rohingya’s refugees suspicious of Myanmar’s assurances to allow them back

    The plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya continues to be parlous despite aid agencies and the UN getting more access to the region and the flood of refugees flowing over the border into Bangladesh. But Rohingya Muslims, now in Bangladesh, remain sceptical about their chances of ever going back to Myanmar, even though the government there is offering assurances it will accept people verified as refugees

  • Crisis unfolding on our doorstep

    Crisis unfolding on our doorstep

    PHOTO: Voice of America A significant regional humanitarian crisis is underway only a few thousand kilometres from our tropical island.   Whilst the situation for the Rohingya has been parlous for decades, it’s only recently become acute after a group calling itself the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army attacked several Myanmar Army outposts on August 25 – the Myanmar Army has been fighting back, hard, and going further by forcing the remaining Rohingya north and across the Bangladesh border. In their wake villages have been burned, woman and children killed and mass graves discovered