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    Surat Thani police issue arrest warrants for administrators of Samui website

    PHOTOS: Tourist Police Police this week say they wrapped up their investigation into the alleged rape case on Koh Tao involving the 19 year old female British backpacker. The conclusion – there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations of rape. They say without interviewing the UK tourist they have no report or evidence to indicate any wrong-doing

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    Lights, camera, action – Soi Dog

    Soi Dog Foundation has arranged a dog photo contest, ‘Snap for Stray’, which is open to both professional and amateur photographers with any kinds of digital camera –  DSLR to mobile phone. The contest aims to reflect the beautiful perspective of stray dogs through the lens by letting the contestants choose their model dog from Soi Dog Foundation. The dogs attending the photo shoot are all chosen by Soi Dog staff, which are friendly and loveable (a nice change when compared to most photographic models) The photos from the contest will be exhibited in September and will also be posted on social media in order to help the dogs find their forever home.

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    Questions over reliable death toll in the Laos floods – foreign media banned

    PHOTO: Thai PBS In a sign of the times where social media is simply instantaneous, but often unreliable, the Lao PM Thongloun Sisoulith is warning members of the public to be aware and conscious about news and reports on the deadly flooding in southern Attapeu province. But some international news agencies are claiming that the Laos government is trying to downplay the death toll in a face-saving PR exercise (more about that later).

  • Three of the Tham Luang cavers are stateless

    Three of the Tham Luang cavers are stateless

    By Pratch Rujivanarom When three of the Mu Pa footballers were rushed to the Chiang Rai hospital after their rescue, they couldn’t check in as Thai citizens, or as citizens of any country for that matter.

  • Prawit apologises after insensitive comments about Chinese boat disaster

    Prawit apologises after insensitive comments about Chinese boat disaster

    “They build their own ships, don’t follow our rules.” Thailand’s #2, deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan is again in hot water, this time for making comments about the Chinese that died in last Thursday’s boat disaster in Phuket, the second worst maritime disaster in Thailand (after the 2004 tsunami). He suggested that Chinese people are to be blamed for the tourist ferry incident that killed at least 46 people when they drowned following the sinking of ‘Phoenix’. In his Monday remarks, sparking anger on Chinese social media, Prawit made claims that ‘Phoenix’ was operated by an illegal Chinese business.

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    Whale shark fishing boats prevented from leaving port

    Lt-General Jaruwat Waisaya, Chief of the Office of Legal Affairs and Litigation, has ordered officials to question every person involved in the ‘whale shark’ incident last Friday. Two fishing boats were captured on video by a nearby diving boat trying to free a whale shark that was caught up in one of their fishing nets. The crew wrangled with the big fish for 10 minutes before it was filmed slumping, apparently dead, back into the water.

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    Three Kathu men arrested with drugs

    Three local men have been arrested following the drug crackdown period between April 19-21 with a long list of drugs.

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    Russian robber in Krabi arrested for stealing iPhone X

    Police have arrested a 34 year old Russian man, Aleksei Posysaev, today (April 18) after he stole an iPhone X from a clothes shop in Ao Nang, Krabi. Earlier, the clothes shop owner, Netdao Wiwatratsamee, posted the CCTV footage of the robbery on social media and offered a 5,000 Baht reward to whoever leads to the robber and his family recorded in the footage

  • National TrueMove ID data leak

    National TrueMove ID data leak

    The NBTC (National Broadcasting and Telecom Commission) is seeking an urgent meeting with executives of TrueMove H, one of the country’s three major mobile phone operators, to inquire about a probable massive leak of customers’ personal data. The likely leak, including individuals’ ID cards and passport numbers, was first reported by Blognone, an online technology news service, when Niall Merrigan, a cyber-security researcher, said he had found the data under the folder name of Truemoveh/idcard with unrestricted access on the cloud storage facility of Amazon Web Service. The 32-gigabyte folder contained multiple years of personal data of TrueMove H’s customers in Thailand, including those from 2016 (14.5 gigabytes), 2017 (8.3 gigabytes) and 2018 (2.2 gigabytes).

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    “Junta has a report card for each and every critic” – Vanchai

    Veteran journalist Vanchai Tantivitayapitak posted on Facebook on Monday that the ruling junta has a “report card” for each and every critic who is influential on social media, and will pay them a visit after a certain limit was reached. The post came after his resignation at the end of March from news station PPTV, where he was a senior news director